13. November 2020 | Magazin:

Die Woche an der TU Braunschweig | 13.11.2020 Unser Newsletter für alle Beschäftigten

Themen: information portal 2.0 + fluorescence + European funding + medieval app + IDEA + new professors, many awards

Redaktion: Laurenz Kötter

► First glance at Information portal 2.0

On 1 December is the launch of the new Information portal. What does it look like? Well, if you open this link on Google Chrome and log in, you can take a look through the keyhole. There are even still free slots to the training for the new portal.

► Three simple steps to complex molecules

When clothing glows in „black light“, it is because of fluorescent dyes. However, these can also be found in batteries, solar cells or screens. Professor Daniel B. Werz and his team have now produced complex dyes in the near infrared range – in three simple steps.

► Awarded Corona antibody research

With the Corona Antibody Team (CORAT), Professor Stefan Dübel has generated neutralising antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. He and his team were recently honoured for this work at the Falling Walls Conference.

► Even more awards

The Department of Architecture is delighted over three awards at once: First, Jennifer Kamm received for her project „Trümmerberge Berlin. Virtual Reality Center“ the BDA-SARP-Award, the highest graduate prize in the field in Germany and Poland. Second, Marlon Hecher won the „Wolfsburg Award for urban vision“ for his conversion proposal for the Holy Spirit Church in Wolfsburg. Finally yet importantly, Philipp Knaus surprised the jury of “Euroterra. Architekturpreise” with his concept. Therefore, they granted him with a special award.

► Between biology, medicine and information technology

Tim Kacprowski is the new professor at the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics. There he is researching the mechanisms behind diseases. In an interview, he tells us about his best experience as a scientist.

► Positive examples of negative numbers

We also welcome Mathias Hattermann at our University. He is the new professor of mathematic didactics for secondary schools. In an interview, he told us how digital media can support learning mathematics.

► A network across Europe

At CESAER the leading technical universities in Europe together to promote teaching, research and innovation. What the cooperation offers us members, you can find out on December 7 in the Webinar of the Research Services and European Office.

► Webinar on European funding programmes

Are you planning to apply for an ERC Starting or Consolidator Grant? Contact the Research Services and European Office to register by the end of next week for the internal webinar on November 26th.

► City and culture despite social distancing

A tour for all students through the language, literature and cultural history of the city of Brunswick: This is the „Medieval App for Brunswick for everyone“ – especially suitable for first-year students and during Corona times. In an interview, Dr. Wiebke Ohlendorf tells us what’s new and what’s to come.

► Teaching in English

The aim of our university is to provide more teaching in English. In order to provide the best possible support for the teachers, the project „international teaching“ collects the needs of teachers in this survey.

► Darling of the week

Some things get by without words. Our darling of the week uses pictorial language to explain algorithms. The IDEA had Professor Sándor Fekete and Sebastian Morr … it even fits on a cup.