Tag: Aviation

25. May 2023

A place of research in the middle of the forest TU historian researches the history of the Braunschweig-Völkenrode research site

22. May 2023

Aircraft development: exploiting synergies and flying more efficiently DFG funds new Collaborative Research Centre at TU Braunschweig

17. May 2023

Acoustically appropriate engineering: Hirschvogel Prize goes to Christopher Blech Dissertation sets new standards for sustainable mobility

1. May 2023

Picture of the month: The Research Engine Research on component fatigue and the construction of a digital twin

18. April 2023

From concept to prototype Students of the research club "changING" of the Cluster of Excellence SE²A presented their projects

13. April 2023

Science Minister visits the Research Airport TU Braunschweig gives overview of aerospace research

24. March 2023

Ultra-fine particulates study starts at Frankfurt Airport TU Braunschweig involved in exposure study

15. March 2023

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Heimbs Aviation of the future with hydrogen and batteries? But safely! Research for the safety of tomorrow's aircraft under crash and impact loads

1. March 2023

Batteries for electric aerospace Consortium develops optimised lithium-sulphur batteries

27. February 2023

A test bench within a test bench Experimental infrastructure to investigate new rotor concepts, engine intakes and their interaction

23. February 2023

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr Stefan Görtz Automation of aircraft design - does multidisciplinary optimisation replace the development engineer?

Picture credit: Leibniz University Hannover 9. February 2023

Green hydrogen for climate-friendlier aviation Hydrogen supply concepts for aviation are investigated in the research project HyNEAT

16. January 2023

Making aircraft more efficient – with distributed propellers New aircraft configuration being tested in the wind tunnel

6. December 2022

Methane above the Baltic Sea Further successful atmospheric methane measurements above the Nord Stream leaks

22. November 2022

Advancing the energy transition with vehicle electrification! Questions to Professor Michael Terörde

16. November 2022

Aeronautics research for school pupils Vacancies in the research club "changING" of the Cluster of Excellence SE²A

14. November 2022

NFL awards researcher prize and two junior researcher prizes Research Day of the Aeronautics Research Centre Niedersachsen

3. November 2022

NFL Research Day 2022 The latest news from sustainable aviation research

28. September 2022

DLR_Uni_Summer_School once again brings students from all over Germany into the air Promoting young talent with flight experiments and simulator flights