24. May 2024 | Magazine article

The Week at TU Braunschweig │24.05.2024 Our Newsletter for all Employees

24. May 2024 | Magazine article

TU Braunschweig stands for democracy, diversity and tolerance Presidential Board endorses declaration - Company day of action on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law

24. May 2024 | Magazine article

Braunschweig woman is “Founder of the Year” TU Braunschweig spin-off protects orbit from space debris - CEO Kristina Nikolaus honoured

23. May 2024 | Magazine article

Hydrogen Research at TU Braunschweig

23. May 2024 | Press release

2-6 player quantum computer Funding granted for quantum technology board game

23. May 2024 | Magazine article

University of Technology Sydney visits the Technische Universität Braunschweig Cotutelle agreement signed

22. May 2024 | Press release

Electromobility: wireless charging – convenient and automatable Everyday test of inductive charging station in Braunschweig

22. May 2024 | Magazine article

Statement by the Executive Board on current events at universities Commitment to diversity and living democracy

21. May 2024 | Magazine article

Mail from … Braunschweig Jenica Kakadia from Canada spent three weeks at Braunschweig Integrated Centre of Systems Biology

17. May 2024 | Magazine article

The Week at TU Braunschweig │17.05.2024 Our Newsletter for all Employees

17. May 2024 | Press release

A lively neighbourhood for Salzgitter-Thiede Architecture students from TU Braunschweig present visions for a new neighbourhood on the Schäferberg

17. May 2024 | Press release

TU Braunschweig supports SMEs on their way to sustainability Open call: Second round of funding starts

17. May 2024 | Press release

European Architecture Prize for student centre EUmiesAward for sustainable building that promotes togetherness

16. May 2024 | Press release

University Information Day on 24 May Well informed for your study decision

15. May 2024 | Press release

State funds a joint Wolfsburg Campus with 11.5 million euros Objective: Research into the circular economy in the automotive industry

14. May 2024 | Magazine article

Daniel Prades awarded Alexander von Humboldt Professorship Two professors strengthen the Cluster QuantumFrontiers

13. May 2024 | Magazine article

Microelectronics in Lower Saxony gets a new boost Braunschweig and Hanover pool microelectronics expertise

10. May 2024 | Magazine article

The Week at TU Braunschweig │10.05.2024 Our Newsletter for all Employees


Autonomous Mobility

AI, sensor technology, safety and risk communication, new drive technologies and changes in mobility law and the world of work – these are just some of the fields of work in which TU Braunschweig is conducting research on autonomous driving. Here we provide an insight into projects and results.

SFB/TRR277 AMC: The Challenge of Large Scale

The Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio TRR 277 Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) of TU Braunschweig and TU Munich aims with its basic research on additive manufacturing to significantly shape the digitalization of construction. Within the levels of materials and processes, computer-aided modelling, control, planning and construction, the AMC investigates resource- and energy-efficient as well as sustainable, recyclable and digital construction. Through innovative 3D printing methods, materials, processes and optimized design are completely rethought. The AMC is part of the Core Research Area "Future City".

Acht mal acht mikroskopische LEDs leuchten hell in cyan. Bei dem Chip für Quantencomputer wären lediglich feine Lichtstrahlen erkennbar.

On the way to quantum computing: Quantum Valley Lower Saxony

The research alliance "Quantum Valley Lower Saxony" bundles the expertise of more than 400 scientists with one goal: A quantum computer by the year 2025. The TU Braunschweig is primarily involved with the research focus Metrology, the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers and the Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology (LENA).

Cluster of Excellence: “QuantumFrontiers”

"QuantumFrontiers" is dedicated to the fundamentals of quantum and nanometrological phenomena in order to achieve precision at the limits of measurability through quantum technologies. QuantumFrontiers involves TU Braunschweig, Leibniz Universität Hannover and the National Metrology Institute of Germany. The Cluster of Excellence is part of the research focus "Metrology".

Cluster of Excellence: SE²A

„Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation“ (SE²A) deals with the challenge of making future air traffic energy efficient while simultaneously meeting the competing demands for continuous growth and environmental sustainability. SE²A involves the TU Braunschweig, the German Aerospace Center, Leibniz Universität Hannover, the Braunschweig University of Art and the National Metrology Institute of Germany. The Cluster of Excellence is part of the joint research area “Mobility”.