6. December 2022

A Master Builder of the “Braunschweig School” On the death of Professor Meinhard von Gerkan

30. November 2022

Safety-critical systems: Better understanding the interaction between humans and technology Questions to Professor Lars Gerhold, Chair of Psychology of Sociotechnical Systems

29. November 2022

Role Model: C. Gabriel David Experiences as a First Generation Academic

22. November 2022

Advancing the energy transition with vehicle electrification! Questions to Professor Michael Terörde

16. November 2022

Science award for microbiologist Jörg Overmann Stifterverband honours commitment to research into and fair use of biological diversity

10. November 2022

More efficient machining systems for more sustainable production Nadine Madanchi awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize

10. November 2022

The psychology of putting on music #GetTUknow: Dr. Marcus Friedrich

28. October 2022

New Director of Braunschweig University Library Robert Strötgen takes over the management

20. October 2022

Role Model: Katja Koch Experiences as a First Generation Academic

20. October 2022

“The advice was essential for my path” Professor Boas Pucker on career mentoring for early career researchers

17. October 2022

Back at the Alma Mater Visiting Professor Rainald Löhner from the USA at the Institute of Structural Analysis

17. October 2022

Preventing “foundation exhaustion“ Award of the Stöbich Entrepreneurship Promotion Prize 2022

Professorin Tatjana Schneider sitzt in ihrem Büro. 21. September 2022

“Internationality must become integral part of the way we work” Interview with Vice President Professor Tatjana Schneider

19. September 2022

Role Model: Jan Büssers Experiences as a First Generation Academic

: Christian Kouam sits on a pallet bench in front of TU Braunschweig’s Historic Main Building. 15. September 2022

“I want to build a bridge between cultures” From CSE student to university founder

Prof. Jesus J. Lara und Prof. Vanessa Miriam Carlow stehen gemeinsam im Präsentationsraum des Instituts. 14. September 2022

Visiting researcher from the USA at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism Professor Jesus J. Lara researches the influences of migration on sustainable urban planning

22. August 2022

Role Model: Doro Bischoff Experiences as a First Generation Academic

11. August 2022

Going for a microwave Adventure Vadim Issakov as Distinguished Microwave Lecturer 2023-2025

2. August 2022

First Generation Academics introduce themselves Markus Henke, Professor of Electric Drive Systems, as Role Model at TU Braunschweig