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1. April 2024

Picture of the month: 3D printed filigree bridge Material-efficient lightweight structures through "Injection 3D Concrete Printing"

20. March 2024

Visiting the IIT Bombay Interview about the delegation trip to India to strengthen international cooperation

15. March 2024

How is Braunschweig tackling climate change? Workshop process with TU Braunschweig looks for measures to adapt to more heat and precipitation

8. March 2024

Excellence strategy and more: What is on the agenda for the performance dimension of research in 2024? Interview with President Angela Ittel and Vice President for Research Peter Hecker

29. February 2024

Picture of the month: Promising solid electrolytes for high-performance rechargeable batteries Laser beams for ceramic solid-state batteries

20. February 2024

Battery research: Visit from Canada Delegation meets Braunschweig researchers and industry representatives at BLB

2. February 2024

Picture of the month: Novel propeller under test SE²A researchers working on aircraft of the future

25. January 2024

Mail from … South Korea PhD student Jan Hitzegrad from the Leichtweiß Institute of Hydraulic Engineering reports on his research stay in Seoul

18. January 2024

TU9 Universities Strengthen Open Access Publishing DEAL agreements with Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley promote Open Access publishing and free access to TU9 publications

15. January 2024

How Europe’s Mega-Floods Are Becoming Predictable Professor Kai Schröter on flood prevention

10. January 2024

Picture of the month: Northern lights in Sweden Natural spectacle during geophysical field campaign in Sweden

22. December 2023

International graduate school planned with Chile Joint research into the degradation of crude oil by bacteria

6. December 2023

Mail from …Graz PostDoc Cordula Reisch from the Institute for Partial Differential Equations talks about her research stay in Austria

1. December 2023

Picture of the month: Fire tests for more safety Timber construction and sustainable insulating material investigations at the Center of Fire Safety Research

29. November 2023

Biotechnology Meets Ethics Interdisciplinary exchange on the importance of metaphors in science

28. November 2023

On the way to the (almost) perfect material cycle TU Braunschweig tests new PET recycling process

TU Professor Anne Paschke was elected as an expert to the Commission on Concentration in the Media (KEK) for five years. Photo credits: Max Fuhrmann/TU Braunschweig 24. November 2023

“Now it’s up to practice to fill in the legal framework and bring it to life” Prof. Anne Paschke on legal issues in autonomous driving

Gruppenfoto der Delegation des Taiwan Tech mit Vertreter*innen der TU Braunschweig. 24. November 2023

High-ranking delegation from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology visited TU Braunschweig Joint seed funding call open until 31 December

16. November 2023

“We also have a concept for the last shaded and particularly critical areas” In 2024, the TU research vehicle RAION will be used as a fully automated shuttle