The method of shaping the culture of organization that supports knowledge management 28. Juni 2022 | 17:00 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr

The lecture by Dr Mateusz Molasy starts by introducing the topic of knowledge management and its role in today’s organisations. It is assumed that the culture of an organisation plays one of the most important roles in any knowledge management initiative. Therefore, the concept of organisational culture is introduced and the types of cultures that support knowledge management are explained. Finally, the method for designing organisational culture is presented. The method is based on human resource management activities.

The lecture will take place online in English on June 28th, 2022 from 5. to 6.30 pm.

We ask for registration under the following link: www.entrepreneurship-hub.org/en/registration-28-06-2022/


Dr. Mateusz Molasy

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