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Space for the 99% – Space for Future 16. Januar 2023 | 18:00 Uhr - 19:30 Uhr

Spaceforfuture.org is researching, communicating, and connecting people on topics considering the built environment and spatial policy. The project is rooted in the housing debate and stands for more affordable, sustainable and just access to space for the 99%. Civil society as well as policy-makers lack detail and substance on policy considerations in the field of housing – spaceforfuture.org specialises in communicating the nuances.   Spaceforfuture.org is a framework for exchanging knowledge and negotiating the spatial discourse all over Europe and beyond.

Architecture is, in many ways, preoccupied with habitation. That is as true for the construction of the built environment as it is for the subtle social structures that collaboratively enable our sustenance and well-being. But now with ecological disasters and fragile geopolitics pushing people and the systems that sustain them to the limits, the question of what it means for the planet to be habitable takes center stage. Included in this is what ecological boundaries enable living systems to survive on the planet but also the social and political systems that make these boundaries equitable and worthwhile. This mini-lecture series will address these issues of habitability as they are emerging today in spatial practice.


Angelika Hinterbrandner

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