From Future Angst to Future Hope 15. Februar 2022 | 17:00 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr

On February 15th, 2022, there will be an online lecture by Dr. Mario Herger from 5:00 to 6:30 pm (CET). The author and innovation expert will share rare insight into technological progress and how start-ups can manage the fears associated with it.

What current fears are shaping us? What fears did people face in the past when today’s technologies did not exist? Why are we not at the forefront of the competition between cultures for new technologies today? What measures do we need to take in order to view new technologies not as something frightening and hostile, but as a means of solving humanity’s major problems? In “Future Angst“, innovation expert Dr. Mario Herger poses the crucial questions regarding technology and progress and presents professional and forward-looking solutions. With his appeal “Design the Future”, Herger offers an unconventional and transformative approach for a new, human-centered mindset.

Following the lecture by Dr. Mario Herger there will be an opportunity for discussion and questions as well as more information on the steps you can take within the International Entrepreneurship Program and receive support from the Entrepreneurship Hub.

An event from the Entrepreneurship Hub: www.entrepreneurship-hub.org


Dr. Mario Herger

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