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Designing a Transportation Marketplace 1. Juli 2021 | 17:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

The landscape of urban transportation and logistics has changed dramatically in the past a few years with the rise of online marketplace and sharing economy. This technological and economic development opens up tremendous new research opportunities which draw various techniques in operations research. In this talk, Dr. Yan will discuss the distinctive features of a transportation marketplace as compared to other two-sided markets and present essential models, some of his recent work and emerging exciting problems in optimizing such marketplaces. About the lecturer: Dr. Chiwei Yan is an assistant professor at University of Washington since 2020. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Tsinghua University and a PhD in Operations Research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After the MIT, he went to Uber’s research department to design their current rider surge pricing algorithm which balances demand and supply in real-time. Dr. Yan is a recipient of the Best Dissertation Award Honorable Mention and the Outstanding Paper Award in Air Transportation from INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society, the Best Dissertation Award from INFORMS Aviation Application Section, and the AGIFORS Anna Valicek Award of Airline Operations Research, among others. His research centers around transportation and logistics systems, with a recent focus on emerging problems in sharing economy and online platforms. When analyzing these problems, he is broadly interested in tools from optimization, game theory, stochastic modeling and statistics.


Dr. Chiwei Yan, University of Washington, Seattle

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