Deep-learning-methods in forestry and animal farming 6. Juli 2023 | 16:45 Uhr - 18:15 Uhr

PK 14.512 or online via https://tu-braunschweig.webex.com/meet/j.haan

In psychology, many research questions are centered around a relatively small number of input and output variables. However, there are also fields of application where the input and desired output are high dimensional and therefore cannot be tackled by conventional methods. For example, the input might be a 256x256x3 pixel image and the desired output a set of bounding boxes enclosing all animals in the image. In such cases, the output is usually a complex non-linear transformation of the input data. Artificial neural networks are a powerful tool to learn arbitrary non-linear transformations in a data-driven way. In this talk, I will briefly present the key ideas of artificial neural networks and talk about applications in forestry and animal farming.


Jonathan Henrich

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