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Noiradaptation: Dirty Towns, Dirty Texts 11. Januar 2022 | 16:45 Uhr - 18:15 Uhr

This lecture series will bring together an international set of renowned scholars to provide their different views on the current state of Adaptation Studies and provide glimpses into their current work. We will thus gain an overview of the state-of-the art in this field (and neighbouring fields such as intermediality/intertextuality, translation, appropriation and transmedia storytelling). It will complement the class “Case Studies in Adaptation”, but, of course, it can also be taken as a stand-alone class. The final list of speakers will be published before the beginning of term. As the speakers will come from all four corners of the world, we will have to work with online tools (webex) and, if necessary, also with asynchronous screen casts.

Interessierte können sich direkt an Prof. Dr. Eckart Voigts wenden (e.voigts@tu-braunschweig.de).


Julie Grossman, LeMoyne College, USA

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