6. March 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig | 06.03.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

► Corona update

The corona virus is spreading, and the TU Braunschweig is prepared. On the homepage of the TU Braunschweig we now collect all relevant information and links to COVID-19 in form of a ticker. Business trips to designated risk areas, for example, will no longer be approved with immediate effect. The human resources department has answered frequently asked questions about (business) trips, quarantine and the care of relatives. https://magazin.tu-braunschweig.de/m-post/informationen-zum-corona-virus/

► Corona Update II: Professor Melanie Brinkmann

… is a virologist at the Institute of Genetics at TU Braunschweig and Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. As an expert, she is currently very active in answering questions from the media. Do you have questions about the corona virus that she can answer as a scientist? We collect these questions, forward them and put the answers online at the link above. But first you should watch this video, which she recorded for the Federal Ministry of Health (on 12.02.2020).
Melanie Brinkmann can already give you some advice: If you feel a scratch in your throat, have aching limbs and/or cough, then stay at home instead of going to work – this is the best measure against the rapid spread of this new virus.

On this occasion: We are very happy about scientists who are committet to science communication and public understanding in such urgent questions. We say thank you to her and to all those who do, for this important work.

► Now including coastal engineering expertise

The Forschungszentrum Küste (FZK) is now a member of the Deutsche Allianz für Meeresforschung (DAM). Its aim is to strengthen the sustainable use of coasts, seas and oceans. Behind this alliance and also the membership is a great effort on the part of the federal and state governments and all those involved. We congratulate them on this great achievement!  Meanwhile, Dr. Bernhard Vowinckel is researching how sediments move. He is setting up a new research group at the Leichtweiß Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources (LWI) in Professor Jochen Aberle’s department for the numerical modelling of sediment transport in surface waters and coastal areas.

► The know-how for battery production

… bundles the new EU project LiPLANET under the leadership of Professor Arno Kwade, Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB).

► The darling of the week

… we couldn’t decide this time: Is it the Fairteiler Café Futter Teresa, a “spin-off” from the sandpit project, which was freshly opened yesterday, or the beautiful Viennese piano, which has recently moved into the foyer of the BRICS. A loan from the artist anna.laclaque. Which is cooler? We are  spoilt for choice  and happy to share this with you.

► Much discussion about Eva Braun:

A lecture on an extraordinary biography that was cancelled due to illness has caused a lot of controversy.

► People:

Psychologist Professor Melanie Vonau has been appointed honorary professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Education. Dr. Falk Pätzold from the Institute of Flight Guidance has finally reached the “Polarstern” and thus the MOSAiC expedition on the Russian supply icebreaker “Kapitan Dranitsyn” after one month. Francesco Ducatelli, Erasmus+ University Coordinator at International House, has happily arrived, namely in Braunschweig. Sten Anslan is researching the menu of marine lizards on Galapagos Islands.

The NFF Advisory Board is expanding and welcomes as new members Dr. Axel Heinrich (Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, Volkswagen AG) and Alfred Eckert (Director Advanced Technology, Contintenal AG). And Dr.-Ing. Adrian Sonka is Managing Director for NFF research activities in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology “EIT Urban Mobility”.

► Professional Training:

The new staff training program is online.

And the semester program of the project group Teaching and Media Education is also published. PostDocs can also find all exclusive offers here.