Tag: Automotive Engineering

29. March 2022

How to bring autonomous trucks to the streets ATLAS-L4: Funding project with partners from the vehicle industry, software development, scientific research and administration

1. September 2021

Prototype for Testing Autonomous Driving Functions Rollout of the modular test platform in the UNICARagil project

31. August 2021

Intelligent parking of the future Vehicles autonomously find their place in the Braunschweig research parking garage

26. August 2021

Turbulence, Extreme Wave and Heart Rhythm – Predictions for Irregularities TU Braunschweig develops modeling methodology for dynamic systems

28. July 2021

Spotlight: Faculty visits 1 – the “Tour de Maschinenbau” The President's topics and appointments

21. April 2020

Radar for Robots TU Braunschweig Researches Ground Radar Sensors for Robots and Self-Propelled Cars

6. March 2020

The Week at TU Braunschweig | 06.03.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

5. July 2019

10 million euros for lightweight construction research Second funding phase for Open Hybrid LabFactory confirmed

10. December 2018

TU Braunschweig is member of two new EU Innovation Communities "Production Engineering" and "Urban Mobility"

20. April 2017

“A good algorithm is like a poem” Focus on Research: Self-Aware Vehicles

11. April 2017

How am I? On the road to a “self-aware” car Focus on Research: Self-Aware Vehicles

11. October 2010

First automatic driving in real city traffic world wide Research vehicle „Leonie“ drives automatically on the Braunschweig inner ring road