13. March 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig | 13.03.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

► Corona update

Under the direction of the Vice President for Human Resources, Finance and Infrastructure and the staff unit Work Safety and Medical Service, our crisis management team initiates and implements all necessary measures. For all activities, we are in close contact with the public health department as well as with the state of Lower Saxony and other responsible institutions. However, the Board can only take decisions where there is a margin of discretion. In doing so, it naturally has the interests of staff and students in mind. The authorities’ assessment of the situation in Germany and in our region is currently being continuously adjusted. We learned what this means yesterday, when information was updated on an almost hourly basis. First, the city banned all events involving more than 1000 people, followed by a ban on entry for people returning from risk areas, on which we informed you yesterday. All those involved are very committed to maintaining the important services. This is especially true for examinations that are to take place until further notice, employment contracts that have been concluded or extended early and invoices that have to be paid. We will inform you shortly about possibilities to design courses digitally and to assess the risks of planned events. News will be announced by e-mail in important cases, otherwise via the ticker on the web homepage.

► Staff council election

You had the vote, and the information portal now shows the results of the staff council elections last Tuesday and Wednesday. “Chapeau” to all those who were willing to take responsibility. We warmly congratulate the elected representatives: Petra Eimbeck and Kai Brunzel for the civil servants (Beamte), as well as Regine Stegemann, Stefanie Böhm, Tanja Filipp, Marianne Putzker, Brigitte Brinkmann, Ursula Badke and Doris Naujoks, and Dr. Maurice Scheer, Dieter Sächtig, Frank Rust, Marcel Gey, Emanuel Chmielarski, Frank Becker, Ralf Hoffmann and Jörg Kaminski for the “employees”. We are particularly proud of those who have been nominated for the Youth and Trainee Representative Council. Elected were Malina Günther, Timo Landscheid, Jan Wertsch, Lukas Oppermann, Julia Fischer, Mehe Ayachi and Katrin Dottermusch. Many thanks to all those involved, including the election staff!

► DFG Fachkollegienwahl

We also congratulate the following members of the German Research Foundation’s Fachkollegien: Professor Henning Menzel, Professor Christoph Herrmann, Professor Arno Kwade, Professor Antje Spieß, Professor Jochen Aberle, and Professor Meike Jipp from the DLF. Professor Laura de Lorenzis, who is still an honorary professor with us after accepting her appointment at ETH Zurich, was elected, as was Professor Alexander von Kienlin, who moved to the TU Munich.

► GeoMonitoring

Steep coast collapses, landslides, glacier movements – climate change is also changing our landscape. Unimpressed by the virus, experts from geodesy, geology, geophysics, civil engineering, energy and raw materials met this week in Braunschweig under the leadership of Prof. Markus Gerke. Their common goal is to use GeoMonitoring to better monitor such environmental risks and reduce their impact.

► Business Information Systems

The retail trade is making headlines precisely because of its customers’ “hamster purchases”. But that’s not all: In the magazine, we report how three young scientists from Group Information Systems are making small and medium-sized businesses ready for digital commerce.

► People

René Brouwer has been appointed honorary professor and Sami Eldeeb außerordentlicher Professor – both in the Faculty of Life Sciences.

► Our beastly darling of the week

… is a squeaky duck in Carolo Wilhelmina-red. Prof. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla again invited parents of the “TU-Babys” – students and employees – with their children to a welcome talk. In the “Baby-Bag” there was now for the first time also the bright red rubber animal.

► On our own behalf

We move! From next week on, the Press and Communication Office will be located on the first floor, the “Belle Etage” of the Forum building. We are thus exchanging offices with Department 16 – Studies and Teaching.