Tag: Mobility

Bildnachweis: Christian Bierwagen/TU Braunschweig 12. April 2024

“A firm place on the aviation map” Science Minister Mohrs visits aviation excellence cluster

12. April 2024

In Hannover: quantum technology, aviation, atmospheric measurements and intelligent mobility Braunschweig research presented at Hannover Messe 2024

27. March 2024

Autonomous rendezvous for effective last-mile parcel delivery Potential of co-operating vehicles presented at Braunschweig Research Airport

18. March 2024

Recycling of solid-state batteries Promising solutions published in "Nature Energy"

1. March 2024

Successful strategic transformation Exchange of experiences on processes, success factors and solutions at the NFF

29. February 2024

Picture of the month: Promising solid electrolytes for high-performance rechargeable batteries Laser beams for ceramic solid-state batteries

1. February 2024

Aerospace: Less air friction, less emissions Successful wind tunnel testing of 3D printed extraction panels

18. January 2024

“Marketing is much more than just advertising!” Professor Christof Backhaus is the new head of the Institute of Marketing

1. December 2023

Parliamentary Evening in Berlin presented research “Made in Braunschweig”

TU Professor Anne Paschke was elected as an expert to the Commission on Concentration in the Media (KEK) for five years. Photo credits: Max Fuhrmann/TU Braunschweig 24. November 2023

“Now it’s up to practice to fill in the legal framework and bring it to life” Prof. Anne Paschke on legal issues in autonomous driving

24. November 2023

Excellent mobility and energy research at the TU Braunschweig Minister of Science Mohrs learns about Future Mobility Hub

17. November 2023

Professor Anne Paschke once again a Top 40 award winner

16. November 2023

“We also have a concept for the last shaded and particularly critical areas” In 2024, the TU research vehicle RAION will be used as a fully automated shuttle

Bildnachweis: NFF 16. November 2023

What hurdles autonomous driving still has to overcome TU Braunschweig researches how to accelerate time to market

14. November 2023

Forward-looking Research for Safer, More Sustainable and Multimodal Mobility NFF doctoral prizes awarded in Braunschweig

10. November 2023

Towards the use of European mobility data TU Braunschweig contributes expertise on mobility law

10. November 2023

How autonomous driving is set to change the way we work and the economy Interview with Prof. Simone Kauffeld and other NFF experts

7. November 2023

Pilot Plant for Circular Battery Production CircularLab of the Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) opened at the Research Airport

19. October 2023

TU team cycled top-notch! City Cycling: Record participation and great TU successes