Cluster of Excellence: SE²A

„Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation“ (SE²A) deals with the challenge of making future air traffic energy efficient while simultaneously meeting the competing demands for continuous growth and environmental sustainability. SE²A involves the TU Braunschweig, the German Aerospace Center, Leibniz Universität Hannover, the Braunschweig University of Art and the National Metrology Institute of Germany. The Cluster of Excellence is part of the joint research area “Mobility”.

Bildnachweis: Christian Bierwagen/TU Braunschweig 12. April 2024

“A firm place on the aviation map” Science Minister Mohrs visits aviation excellence cluster

12. April 2024

In Hannover: quantum technology, aviation, atmospheric measurements and intelligent mobility Braunschweig research presented at Hannover Messe 2024

18. March 2024

Recycling of solid-state batteries Promising solutions published in "Nature Energy"

12. March 2024

Honorary Professorship for Dr. Arne Seitz Honoured for aerospace expertise

Besuch der Delegation des ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse am Forschungsflughafen Braunschweig im Januar. Bildnachweis: TU Braunschweig/Rottig 29. February 2024

Leading European research on sustainability in aviation Technische Universität Braunschweig, Delft University of Technology and ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse extend cooperation in aviation research

20. February 2024

Experimental box instead of dull theory "changING Regio": Schoolgirls from Niedersachsen experiment in the research club of the SE²A Cluster of Excellence

2. February 2024

Picture of the month: Novel propeller under test SE²A researchers working on aircraft of the future

1. February 2024

Aerospace: Less air friction, less emissions Successful wind tunnel testing of 3D printed extraction panels

18. January 2024

“I want to make uncertainties predictable” Ulrich Römer is a professor at the Institute of Acoustics and Dynamics

1. December 2023

Parliamentary Evening in Berlin presented research “Made in Braunschweig”

28. September 2023

How to simulate cabin noise Noise research for new aircraft concepts with better acoustic properties

Gruppenfoto der Summer School-Teilnehmenden vom Juni-/Juli-Kurs 2023. 26. September 2023

“Summer Schools are an important instrument of internationalization” TU Braunschweig Summer Schools gather students from all over the world on campus

13. September 2023

Sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels Federica Ferraro is a new junior professor at the Institute of Flight Propulsion and Turbomachinery

12. September 2023

Sustainable aviation research for pupils Register now for the research club "changING" of the Cluster of Excellence SE²A!

5. September 2023

“There is no silver bullet that will save the climate” Prof. Jens Friedrichs on research into sustainable aviation in the SE2A cluster

28. August 2023

Future aircraft configurations Dr.-Ing. Stanislav Karpuk heads a Junior Research Group in the Cluster of Excellence SE²A

27. July 2023

New Large-Scale Equipment for Aerospace Research Milling machine offers new research opportunities for SE²A

11. July 2023

The future of aviation: “We need bright engineering minds!” Ingo Staack is Professor at the Institute of Aircraft Design and Lightweight Structures

8. June 2023

New large-scale research device: An eagle for sustainable flying E2AGLE - Laboratory approved for the development of new aircraft electrical systems