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Development of a Hydraulic Research Laboratory, a case from Nepal 12. Januar 2022 | 13.15 Uhr - 14.45 Uhr

Harnessing Himalayan Rivers is challenging with respect to unpredictable hydrology and complex hydraulics with heavy sediment transport. Conducting experimental research is therefore extremely important as the theoretical analysis cannot precisely represent the hydraulic behavior of these rivers. Hence, the need of developing a hydraulic laboratory became evident to deal with problems in developing water resources projects in the Himalayan Rivers. Hence, Hydro Lab was initiated as a River Research Laboratory (RRL) in 1988 and then became an independent organization in 1998 with the technical and financial assistance from Norway. Now, Hydro Lab is the only organization in Nepal specialized in conducting professional research on hydraulics and sediment management required for the development of water resources projects and associated research works. This laboratory is also capable of providing services on sediment sampling and laboratory analyses, flow measurement, prototype turbine efficiency test, settling basin performance test, reservoir sedimentation study, hydraulic design review of headworks, ground engineering works, etc. Knowledge sharing through education, trainings/workshops and providing assistance to MSc and PhD students from different universities within the country and around the world is also a priority activity of Hydro Lab. Since its establishment, the company has been maintaining cooperation with different national and international professional and academic institutions for providing quality research and services in this sector.
This presentation will highlight the process of establishment and development of the hydraulic research laboratory in Nepal and focus on some cases of physical hydraulic model studies conducted in this laboratory.


Dr. Meg B. Bishwakarma, General Manager, Hydro Lab Pvt. Ltd., Krishna Galli, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

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