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Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Thekla Cordes, Prof. Dr. Boas Pucker 10. Oktober 2023 | 16:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

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Inaugural Lecture „Big data-driven discoveries in the specialized plant metabolism“
by Prof. Dr. Boas Pucker

Boas Pucker and his group elucidate biosynthesis pathways of specialized plant metabolites. Plants produce a plethora of specialized metabolites including potential drug candidates. Understanding the biosynthesis is crucial for biotechnological applications. A wide range of methods from omics to molecular biology are integrated for this purpose. The inaugural lecture will highlight the power of big data for the discovery of novel pathways. Fundamental concepts of specialized plant metabolism and methods established within the research group will be presented. Examples of successfully identified biosynthesis pathways will be provided.

CV: Boas Pucker is leading the research group Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics as professor at TU Braunschweig. He is also a member of the BRICS and head of the iTUBS technology transfer center “Plant Genomics and Applied Bioinformatics”. Boas obtained his doctoral degree at the Faculty of Biology at Bielefeld University, studying plant genomes and gene functions. After a short transitional postdoc at Ruhr-University-Bochum, where he worked on plant genome assembly, Boas moved to the University of Cambridge (UK) as a postdoctoral fellow. Here, Boas joined the Brockington lab to investigate the complex evolution of anthocyanins and betalains in the Caryophyllales. Now, his research group at TU Braunschweig is working on the elucidation of plant biosynthesis pathways based on genomic and transcriptomic data.

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