Tag: Languages

23. May 2023

Between palaces, temples and Gangnam Style Future City Goes Global with Dr. Stefanie John, Professor Rüdiger Heinze and Professor Eckart Voigts

22. March 2023

Learning languages in tandem Extended offer for employees and students of TU Braunschweig

11. October 2022

The Voiced Gender-Asterisk Experiment at TU Braunschweig: no impairment of intelligibility due to glottal stop

30. September 2022

Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Art? TU Braunschweig: Conference on Human-Machine Interaction and Creative Practice

18. May 2022

How movement promotes language Sports scientists test concept for learning German through play

13. January 2022

How understandable is the gender asterisk? Experiments at TU Braunschweig indicate different effects for plural and singular forms

28. October 2021

Adaptation without Borders Professor Eckart Voigts on the international lecture series

27. September 2021

Spotlight: A visit to Faculty 6 – The Future of Learning Topics and highlights of the President’s schedule

Woman with mask in front of a stack of laptops 9. June 2021

Preparatory Courses in Corona Times Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund donates notebooks for refugees

19. January 2021

From Podcast to Kapselwurf On Translation Cultures in the Early Modern Era and Today

31. July 2019

Getting to know the German language and culture Registration for the International Summer Courses at the Language Center