Tag: Engineering for Health

22. December 2023

International graduate school planned with Chile Joint research into the degradation of crude oil by bacteria

4. December 2023

“Synthetic chemistry is such a creative subject – almost like an art” Christopher J. Teskey is the new professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry

29. November 2023

Biotechnology Meets Ethics Interdisciplinary exchange on the importance of metaphors in science

20. November 2023

“One of the biggest hurdles for people with Long Covid is the lack of a test” Professor Dieter Jahn on his life with Long Covid

2. November 2023

Textbook knowledge turned on its head: 3-in-1 microorganism discovered Study on environmentally relevant microorganisms shows greater diversity than previously assumed

12. September 2023

Climate crisis up close A travel report from China

7. September 2023

PJ-Akademie—Klinikum Braunschweig, Apothekerkammer and TU Braunschweig launch pilot project

6. September 2023

Using microchips to better understand diseases like schizophrenia TU Braunschweig: Dr Thomas Winkler receives ERC Starting Grant

15. August 2023

“Multidisciplinary research with great societal benefit”. Matthias Schiedel is Professor at the Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1. August 2023

Picture of the month: Glowing Moulds From the Institute of Genetics

4. July 2023

Being a Ukrainian refugee at TU Braunschweig About the biologist Alona Velynska and her encounters in Germany

15. May 2023

Bipolar disorder: measuring lithium with synthetic biology How students want to optimise the therapy of a mental illness

Beispiel für eine Visualisierung von Zusammenhängen von 4. May 2023

Network medicine: causes instead of symptoms The role of traditional disease definitions in the search for disease mechanisms

2. May 2023

“I want to strengthen trust in research”. Master's student Hanna F. Willenbockel on science communication

27. April 2023

Natural substances against neglected tropical diseases Visiting doctoral student from Brazil isolating potentially active substances against the parasite causing Chagas disease

21. March 2023

Chip platform for cell-based test systems Joint project works on complex animal experiment replacement systems for fundamental research

8. March 2023

Detective work at BRICS The Centre of Systems Biology BRICS introduces itself in a video

3. March 2023

Putting out the fire in the brain DFG Research Unit Develops a Potential Treatment for Autoimmune Encephalitis

1. March 2023

Picture of the month: Organ-on-Chip Platform The Institute of Microtechnology is developing chips to research better intake of active substances in the body