Tag: Sports

14. June 2023

Athletic visit from Brazil Consultation on the curriculum for sports teacher training

12. June 2023

Comeback for the Campuslauf 400 athletes sprinted across the university grounds

10. May 2023

How can we individualise training processes? Peter Düking is the new assistant professor at the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy

26. April 2023

Sports hall opened at North Campus An asset for sports science education and university sports

20. April 2023

Inaugural lectures by Prof. Dr. Svenja Vieluf, Prof. Dr. Esther Serwe-Pandrick and Prof. Dr. Julia Gerick What is good teaching? A research field in transformation
What is modern physical education? A subject didactics in transformation
What does digitalisation mean for schools? An organisation in transformation

23. March 2023

Cycling jerseys in TU design Information on design, sizes and ordering

26. August 2022

Cycling for fitness and climate Team TU Braunschweig takes part in city cycling again

18. May 2022

How movement promotes language Sports scientists test concept for learning German through play

19. May 2016

Motorsport Study 2016: What Makes Motorsports Attractive? Brand Perception of Four Motorsport Racing Series Investigated