26. April 2023 | Press releases:

Sports hall opened at North Campus An asset for sports science education and university sports

The sports hall at Technische Universität Braunschweig, which has now been opened on the North Campus, offers new and varied opportunities for exercise. The completely renovated and rebuilt exercise facility improves the quality of studies and enriches campus life. It brings additional momentum to the practical training of sports science students and makes it possible to expand the range of services offered by the University Sports Centre. The total cost of the conversion and renovation is 3.4 million euros.

They accompanied the newly designed sports hall on its way to its completion: (from left) Lutz Stöter, former Head of the University Sports Centre, Vice-President Katja Koch, Hendrik Welp, architecture firm Welp von Klitzing, Mathias Steiln, Head of University Sports, President Angela Ittel, Prof. Esther Serwe-Pandrick, Head of the Institute for Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy, Prof. Reiner Hildebrandt-Stramann, former Head of the Institute for Sport, Prof. Knut Baumann, Vice-President and Chair of the Sports Commission. Photo credit: Ahmed Nassef/TU Braunschweig

The bright birch-look hall opens up great potential for diversity-conscious movement education. Students can try out inclusive and diversity-conscious sports education teaching methods here. “The hall offers the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy excellent new opportunities for sports teacher training. Especially with the first-class psychomotor equipment, TU Braunschweig has gained an absolutely unique selling point for diversity-conscious movement teaching and an excellent profile for inclusive education in the context of sport, physicality and movement,” enthuses the head of the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy, Professor Esther Serwe-Pandrick. For example, the hall has a modular movement building site and a swing set installed under the ceiling. By linking it to teaching, it also offers Braunschweig primary schools active space for innovative movement experiences. Sports students thus gain practical experience and pupils can try out creative movement options.

Contribution to the development of the Science Quarter CoLiving Campus

“The sports hall also makes an excellent contribution to the structural development of the North Campus into the Science Quarter, which we are driving forward together with the city as part of the CoLiving project,” says President Angela Ittel. In addition, the redesigned hall significantly improves not only the studying conditions, but also the active campus life of all our staff and students. As the topics of diversity and inclusion are of particular concern to me as President, I very much support the fact that an inclusion-oriented exercise facility is also being built here.”

The hall shines in new splendour. Photo credit: University Sports Centre/TU Braunschweig

The bright changing rooms, also in a birch look, offer plenty of space. Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

The façade consists partly of glass deflecting plates that let in a lot of light. Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

The old hall was completely renovated ... Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

and was given a new steel structure ... Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

... and a new roof. Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

A long road of renovation to the newly designed hall. Photo credit: Architekturbüro Welp von Klitzing

Finally, the hall can be opened: Sports science students presented creative movement options accompanied by classical music. Photo credit: Ahmed Nassef/TU Braunschweig

Distinguishing university sports

The new sports hall is used by the university sports department, especially in the evenings, which can offer new exercise programmes for students and employees. This semester, group fitness courses such as yoga, stretch & relax and taiji will be held in the hall. “The opening is the official kick-off for the diverse use of the hall for the further development of our sports facilities. University sports offer just the right thing, for relaxation, fun and training to clear your head,” says the head of the University Sports Centre, Mathias Steiln. “The quality and wide range of sports on offer is distinguishing and attracts students and staff to TU Braunschweig through its appeal.”

Shorter distances

The extensive renovation and reconstruction of the hall includes not only the complete renewal of the roof and the supporting structure, but also energy optimisation and the renewal of the entrance area, the building services, the control and equipment rooms and the changing and shower areas.

Another central milestone is the renovation of the second part of the hall for the Institute of Sports Science, where a training science research laboratory is also planned. After completion of the renovation measures, the North Campus will also become the new location for the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy, which is currently housed at the Central Campus. This will bring the Faculty of Humanities and Education a little closer together again and the distances for students will become even shorter.

Facts about the sports hall

North Campus, Bienroder Weg 83, 38106 Braunschweig

Building owner
Technische Universität Braunschweig

Architecture, planning and execution

Project management and project control: Building Management (GB3) of TU Braunschweig

Architecture firm: Welp von Klitzing, Braunschweig

Construction period
June 2019 to Dec 2022

Construction sum
Total costs approx. 3.4 million euros

Area (net floor space)
Construction phase: 640 m2


  • Institute for Sports Science and Movement Pedagogy
  • University sports centre
  • School classes from Braunschweig primary schools in cooperation with the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy

Renovation measures

  • Complete renewal of the sports hall roof
  • Static reinforcement of the roof structure for special loads, such as swings, etc.
  • Energy modernisation
  • Entrance area
  • Building services (technical rooms)
  • Control room and equipment rooms
  • Changing areas with showers
  • Interior furnishings

Specific scientific and physical education equipment
High walkway, ceiling-suspended swing systems (“large-scale equipment”) for this purpose foundation quiver and steel beams,
Audio system