23. March 2023 | Magazine:

Cycling jerseys in TU design Information on design, sizes and ordering

There are many cyclists at TU Braunschweig – and so, TU cycling jerseys will soon be available! If you are interested, you can find out more about the design, individual sizes, fitting options and ordering. Participation in the first collective order is possible until the 12th of April.

The final design was selected from a number of designs in a vote among the participants of City Cycling 2022.

The jerseys have a full-length zip, three back pockets and are made of quick-drying, breathable fabric (manufacturer: owayo). Sizes range from 2 (XS) to 14 (XXL) and can be chosen individually. The final price depends on the total number of all orders and will be between 55€ (for 10 pieces), 41€ (50 pieces) and 35€ (≥100 pieces). Estimated delivery time is early May.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Sándor Fekete if you have any questions.
Fitting and ordering is possible by appointment at the Algorithms Division in the secretary’s office with Ute Marchot, email: marchot@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de, phone: -3110.