Tag: Environment

19. April 2024

Getting to the bottom of the soil with computer tomography Professor Marius Milatz is the new head of the Institute of Geomechanics and Geotechnics

15. March 2024

How is Braunschweig tackling climate change? Workshop process with TU Braunschweig looks for measures to adapt to more heat and precipitation

Besuch der Delegation des ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse am Forschungsflughafen Braunschweig im Januar. Bildnachweis: TU Braunschweig/Rottig 29. February 2024

Leading European research on sustainability in aviation Technische Universität Braunschweig, Delft University of Technology and ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse extend cooperation in aviation research

20. February 2024

From the Arctic to the peatlands of Germany Torsten Sachs is the new professor for land-atmosphere interactions

19. February 2024

#flut23: Search for photos and videos of the Christmas floods TU Braunschweig wants to improve flood protection

12. February 2024

INF4INiTY – a joint innovative floating offshore wind project A large EU consortium joins efforts to develop integrated nature-inclusive designs for future floating offshore wind farm technology

8. February 2024

AngryWaters – Protecting coasts from extreme events Prof. Nils Goseberg receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Der Student Nils Michalke steht in der afrikanischen Steppe. Im Hintergrund sind Zebras zu sehen. 5. February 2024

Mail from … Kenya Environmental engineering student Nils Michalke undertakes an internship in Nairobi

28. January 2024

“My goal is to discover beauty and complexity in the world that surrounds us” Prof. David Rival heads the Institute of Fluid Mechanics

19. January 2024

Strategies for dealing with extreme marine events and natural hazards Third DAM research mission mareXtreme launched with TU Braunschweig participation

15. January 2024

How Europe’s Mega-Floods Are Becoming Predictable Professor Kai Schröter on flood prevention

10. January 2024

Picture of the month: Northern lights in Sweden Natural spectacle during geophysical field campaign in Sweden

22. December 2023

Wind energy: Measurement flights in the USA successfully completed Large-scale experiment on wind wakes in the Great Plains

18. December 2023

A Look at the Future of Coastal Cities Junior research group "Future Urban Coastlines" collaborates with the University of Venice

13. December 2023

Offshore wind power: When the seabed liquefies Collaborative project investigates seafloor changes in the Large Wave Current Channel

6. December 2023

Standardised measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from universities TU Braunschweig takes part in pilot project

23. November 2023

How plants reduce stress Braunschweig researchers discover new hormone signalling pathway

21. November 2023

How to Make the Campus Climate-Friendly Students share their visions for the University Campus

13. November 2023

Soil research in times of urbanisation Magdalena Sut-Lohmann is the new Professor of Soil Science at the Institute of Geoecology