Tag: Environment

30. October 2023

28 x Urban Development in Denmark Exhibition and discussion on the livable city

26. October 2023

Feuer und Flamme für die Zukunft: Zentrum für Brandforschung eröffnet

18. October 2023

TU for Future Series of lectures on climate protection starts on 25 October

4. October 2023

How will people live in the city of the future? Conference #SdZ23": Research and actions for positive change

19. September 2023

When the Storm Surge Hits the House on the Coast Best Paper Award for Dr.-Ing. Clemens Krautwald from the Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources

14. September 2023

No stress for mussels and barnacles A visit to the construction site of the saltwater wave current flume

12. September 2023

Climate crisis up close A travel report from China

4. September 2023

Climate crisis meets urbanisation Conference "Stadt der Zukunft #SdZ23" at TU Braunschweig

1. September 2023

Together for climate change adaptation Kick-off forum "Co-Adapted Braunschweig"

22. August 2023

Using Drones to Record Pollutant Distribution More Accurately Automated flight systems can improve air quality forecasting

14. August 2023

The Fungi Connection: “All roads seem to lead to Braunschweig” How a graduate student’s venture into the world of forestry led to a connection that continues to grow

11. August 2023

Climate Future Labs State of Lower Saxony supports the establishment of Future Labs with up to €20 million

1. August 2023

Picture of the month: Glowing Moulds From the Institute of Genetics

27. July 2023

Joint project on safe storage of and fire suppression in automotive high-voltage batteries Real fire tests at the Center of Fire Safety Research (ZeBra)

17. July 2023

Mail from … Israel Master's student Ruth Glebe traveled to Rehovot, in Israel, for a research internship

30. June 2023

Extended Large Wave Current Flume with the World’s Largest Wave Machine Opened Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck and Minister President Stephan Weil put the research facility into operation together with participants from the universities

22. June 2023

Protecting the Climate with Beats, Awards and Clock The TUmorrow Days 2023 in the picture gallery

20. June 2023

Mail from the ice (3) Magnus Asmussen and Dr.-Ing. Falk Pätzold report from Arctic expedition

20. June 2023

Mail from the ice (2) Magnus Asmussen and Dr.-Ing. Falk Pätzold report from Arctic expedition