Tag: Environment

9. June 2023

An ecosystem becomes visible Interdisciplinary project shows biodiversity in the courtyard of the Biocentre

30. May 2023

Towards more sustainability in offshore wind energy Anemoi project investigates chemical emissions from wind turbines

8. May 2023

With the icebreaker into the melting season Braunschweig researchers on international climate expedition in the Arctic

2. May 2023

The impact of war on the environment in Ukraine Yevheniia Berchul receives a DAAD PhD scholarship

14. April 2023

A Centre for Climate Research in Lower Saxony Science Minister Falko Mohrs hands over funding notice

14. April 2023

For a safe and just climate future Katharina Beckmann on the new Zentrum Klimaforschung Niedersachsen

31. March 2023

Sea Future Parliamentary Evening of the German Marine Research Alliance

24. March 2023

Ultra-fine particulates study starts at Frankfurt Airport TU Braunschweig involved in exposure study

23. March 2023

A new start in Germany Scientist from Ukraine in the Isodrones team

6. March 2023

Excursion to cold and wet fishes Human-environment relations in transition

Gruppenbild der Mexiko-Delegation mit TU-Präsidentin Angela Ittel und Vizepräsidentin Tatjana Schneider. 6. February 2023

High-ranking delegation from Mexico was welcomed Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México visits TU Braunschweig

24. January 2023

Marine conditions in Braunschweig Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources receives saltwater wave flow channel

19. January 2023

The secret of deep-rooted plants Dr. Matthias Beyer on his junior research group "Isodrones"

10. January 2023

Marine sediments from a depth of 8,000 metres Dr Marta Pérez Rodríguez on the “Island Impact” Expedition

8. December 2022

Wanted: International Scientific Talents Professor Nils Goseberg is the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Henriette Herz Scout

8. December 2022

On an expedition to the lakes of the Maya Biogeoscientific study trip to the karst lakes of the tropical rainforest in southern Mexico

6. December 2022

Methane above the Baltic Sea Further successful atmospheric methane measurements above the Nord Stream leaks

Die Okertalsperre im Harz im Oktober 2022: Anhaltende Trockenheit führt zu niedrigem Wasserstand und Baumsterben, was wiederum die Böden anfälliger und weniger aufnahmefähig für Niederschläge macht. Bildnachweis: Sándor Fekete/TU Braunschweig 8. November 2022

Drought and flood disasters EXDIMUM joint project of TU Braunschweig investigates extreme water events

20. October 2022

TU for Future Series of lectures on climate protection starts on 26 October