Tag: Environment

31. August 2021

Real Labs University in the Middle of the City

9. August 2021

Measuring campaign on ice TU Braunschweig and TU Wien test geophysical measuring methods in the Austrian Alps

27. July 2021

In the city: the university meets the people End of semester at the living laboratory Hagenmarkt

22. July 2021

Science Minister Björn Thümler accompanies research trip of the “Gute Küste Niedersachsen” project Research network of three universities shows "real-world laboratory" for ecosystem-strengthening coastal protection near Spiekeroog

15. July 2021

Tiny neighbours that pack a punch Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication shows microorganisms in the Hagenmarkt living lab

13. July 2021

A house for the pigeons at Hagenmarkt Exhibition by Architecture students in Braunschweig's St. Katharinenkirche

8. July 2021

The Secret of the Lake Sediments Research project reconstructs the climate history of America's tropics

5. July 2021

Thünen Institute and University consolidate cooperation in the City of Science Braunschweig Joint appointment of Professor Christina Umstätter

5. July 2021

The Neanderthal as an artist? Ancestor decorated bones over 50,000 years ago Find from Unicorn Cave in Lower Saxony sheds new light on ancestors' cognitive abilities

27. May 2021

Coastal vegetation as a natural shore protection Sanaz Hadadpour from TU Braunschweig receives De Paepe-Willems-Award

12. May 2021

More Stress, Fewer Frogs? Zoological Institute investigates environmental stress as a possible cause for creeping decline of grass frogs

4. May 2021

Pioneer of Nature Conservation Law Festschrift for Honorary Professor Hans Walter Louis

1. March 2021

Spot Farming: Focus on Individual Plants Experimental farming with robots, drones and satellites

25. November 2020

Better prepared for the tsunami TU Braunschweig investigates research gaps in construction guidelines

29. October 2020

Tsunami in the Wave Flume Flood wave experiments for resilient structures

2. September 2020

Resonating scales against microplastics Wilson Ombati Nyang'au from the research training group B-IGSM

1. September 2020

Picture of the month: Filigree Diatoms in Braunschweig’s Spielmannsteich Submitted by the Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication

16. July 2020

Climate friendly air transport: Position Paper of the Braunschweig Aviation Research

1. June 2020

Picture of the Month: Measuring the Wave From the Forschungszentrum Küste