Tag: Architecture

18. April 2024

ClimateCrisisClock will be dismantled Technical defects after water damage cannot be repaired

10. April 2024

The Digital Construction Site Construction Industry 4.0: TU Braunschweig researches digital technologies with new large-scale equipment

1. April 2024

Picture of the month: 3D printed filigree bridge Material-efficient lightweight structures through "Injection 3D Concrete Printing"

27. March 2024

Creating a better climate in hospitals What influence do indoor climate, air quality, architecture and work organisation have on recovery?

27. March 2024

Beziehungsweisen Westhagen: On the move in the neighbourhood Exhibition by architecture students in Wolfsburg

26. March 2024

University Building Prize 2024: Student House honoured TU Braunschweig recognised as building owner

19. March 2024

3D printing in steel construction: serial becomes individual German Steel Construction Award goes to Linus Schmitz

1. March 2024

CO_LIVING CAMPUS: Start of the workshop weeks with planning teams Public evenings in the lecture hall building on the North Campus

23. February 2024

Wolfgang Sunder appointed associate professor

Wolfgang Sunder from the Institute of Structural Design, Industrial and…
23. February 2024

Two projects for the Braunschweig Light Trail

TU Braunschweig is taking part in this year’s Light Trail…
21. February 2024

Student House finalist for European Architecture Prize Only German entry among seven finalists

26. January 2024

DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2024 Goes to Student House Competition procedure worth imitating

18. January 2024

Living and working in a department store Laves Prize for Braunschweig architecture students Antonia Stöcker and Paul Knauer

22. December 2023

Pavilion on Cathedral Square: winning design chosen Architecture students successful

14. December 2023

Award-winning student designs Institute of Building Design receives awards

4. December 2023

HeinzeArchitekturAWARD 2023 for Student House

The series of awards for the TU Braunschweig Student House…
24. November 2023

A new era in sustainable construction Research network on 3D printing in construction enters second funding phase

24. November 2023

Student House: Award for “feather-light” construction BDA Lower Saxony Prize goes to new TU Braunschweig building

21. November 2023

How to Make the Campus Climate-Friendly Students share their visions for the University Campus