26. March 2024 | Magazine:

University Building Prize 2024: Student House honoured TU Braunschweig recognised as building owner

One award of the German University Building Prize 2024 goes to Technische Universität Brauschweig. The prize was awarded for the Student House, which was designed by architects Gustav Düsing and Max Hacke. The German University Building Award 2024, worth 15,000 euros, goes to Dresden University of Technology. The prize was awarded for the conversion of the Fritz Foerster Building. The second prize goes to the Texoversum at Reutlingen University. The two prizes from Braunschweig and Reutlingen are worth 5,000 euros each.

The Student House was honoured with an award as part of the German University Building Prize 2024. Photo credit: Iwan Baan/Düsing&Hacke

The Student House is the first new building to be completed by TU Braunschweig since the transfer of ownership. The award is also a confirmation of the quality of the building project. The Student House has already been awarded the German Architecture Award, the BDA Lower Saxony Prize, the DAM Prize for Architecture and the HeinzeArchitekturAward. It is also the only German entry among the five finalists for the Mies van der Rohe Award, the European Architecture Prize.

The prize winner and the two awards recognise exemplary university buildings or ensembles that demonstrate a special architectural quality or an exemplary approach to historic buildings. They combine aesthetic and functional aspects in an outstanding way and are attractive as university buildings for students and teachers. At the same time, they are committed to sustainable construction in ecological, economic and socio-cultural terms and make a positive contribution to the design of the public space. Structural solutions that enable accessibility and usability for all people are particularly desirable.

The University Building Prize

The German University Building Prize was awarded for the seventh time by the German University Foundation (DUS) under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction. The award is supported by the Eberhard Schöck Foundation with prize money totalling 25,000 euros. The University Building Prize honours both the building owners and the designers. Eighteen universities from ten federal states submitted 20 projects for the prize. The competition is open to all state and state-recognised private universities in Germany together with the responsible designers.