6. July 2018 | Magazine:

Turbulent Research: Professor Anya Jones from the University of Maryland reinforces TU research project Focus on Research: Energy Transition in Aviation

The transformation of energy systems in Aviation has moved into the international focus of science – and now also attracts guest scientists from abroad to the Technical University of Braunschweig. Since April, Professor Anya Jones from the University of Maryland near Washington D. C. /USA has been strengthening Professor Rolf Radespiel’s team at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics (ISM) at the TU Braunschweig. The expert for reduced aerodynamic models and gust loads deliberately chose this research location for her six-month stay: “The institute is excellently equipped for the experimental simulation of gusts and with aerodynamic models,” says the scientist.

Professorin Anya Jones. Bildnachweis: Alan Santos

Professor Anya Jones. Picture credits: Alan Santos

The topic of gust loads and load reduction is one of the topics of the future for increasing the efficiency of commercial aircraft – especially against the background of developing more climate-friendly flying. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), 4.1 billion passengers boarded a plane last year – a new record and an increase of 7.1 percent over 2016. This growth is challenging the industry. According to Flightpath 2050 of the European Commission, kerosene consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are to be reduced by 75 percent per passenger kilometre by 2050 – compared to 2000. 90 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions and 65 percent less noise.

TU research project „Energy System Transformation in Aviation“

In the TU research project “Energy System Transformation in Aviation”, several teams of experts with different focal points are tackling these challenges. At the ISM, for example, scientists are investigating the effects of turbulence. “With the help of innovative aerodynamic models and a long-term series of tests, we want to learn more about how an aircraft wing behaves in turbulent environments,” says Anya Jones.

Radespiel is delighted with the top-class reinforcement: “Anya Jones is a graduate of Cambridge University, has excellent technical achievements and is one of the high potentials in aerodynamics. The fact that we were able to bring her to the TU Braunschweig as a guest researcher is further proof that we are an aviation hotspot with international appeal”.

Text: Nicole Geffert