Tag: Energy

18. March 2024

Recycling of solid-state batteries Promising solutions published in "Nature Energy"

20. February 2024

Battery research: Visit from Canada Delegation meets Braunschweig researchers and industry representatives at BLB

12. February 2024

INF4INiTY – a joint innovative floating offshore wind project A large EU consortium joins efforts to develop integrated nature-inclusive designs for future floating offshore wind farm technology

22. December 2023

Wind energy: Measurement flights in the USA successfully completed Large-scale experiment on wind wakes in the Great Plains

13. December 2023

Offshore wind power: When the seabed liquefies Collaborative project investigates seafloor changes in the Large Wave Current Channel

6. December 2023

Environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries Efficient production processes for sustainable sodium-ion batteries

1. December 2023

Visiting students from Ecuador

Supported by the DAAD, students from the Faculty of Mechanical…
24. November 2023

Excellent mobility and energy research at the TU Braunschweig Minister of Science Mohrs learns about Future Mobility Hub

9. November 2023

Opening of the Japanese-German Green Hydrogen Material Laboratory in Japan

On 20 September, the Japanese-German Green Hydrogen Material Laboratory was…
7. November 2023

Pilot Plant for Circular Battery Production CircularLab of the Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) opened at the Research Airport

1. November 2023

How Hydrogen Production Can Be Optimised Technical Electrocatalysis Laboratory researches proton exchange electrolysis

20. September 2023

Mail from … Japan Hanne Thiemann and Nicol Jaramillo report on their three-month stay in Japan

18. September 2023

“Focusing even more on relations with the industry” Interview with BLB Executive Board Member Prof. Thomas S. Spengler

14. September 2023

No stress for mussels and barnacles A visit to the construction site of the saltwater wave current flume

8. September 2023

University of Melbourne and TU Braunschweig to collaborate more closely Memorandum of Understanding signed today

5. September 2023

UTS and TU Braunschweig to collaborate more closely Memorandum of Understanding signed today

24. August 2023

Wind energy measurement campaign: With the research aircraft to the USA

Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, Narsarsuaq in Greenland and Goose Bay in…
10. August 2023

Wind energy research and teaching at TU Braunschweig

31. July 2023

Fresh Ideas in Norway Gabriela Ventura Silva was a visiting researcher in Trondheim