Tag: International

23. May 2023

Between palaces, temples and Gangnam Style Future City Goes Global with Dr. Stefanie John, Professor Rüdiger Heinze and Professor Eckart Voigts

19. May 2023

An opportunity for both sides Two Ukrainian scientists enrich the mathematical dialogue

15. May 2023

Delhi – a fast-developing metropolis full of contrasts Future City Goes Global with Bartek Sawicki

12. May 2023

Mail from … Braunschweig Business information systems student Iqbal Shahir from Malaysia talks about his studies in Braunschweig.

27. April 2023

Natural substances against neglected tropical diseases Visiting doctoral student from Brazil isolating potentially active substances against the parasite causing Chagas disease

26. April 2023

Jupiter mission: Boom successfully deployed Sensor from TU Braunschweig as part of the instrument package begins its work

24. April 2023

Mail from … Japan Peter Toth, research associate at the Institute for CMOS Design, reports on his stay abroad in Tokyo.

4. April 2023

When the wind turbine is in the mountains Humboldt Fellow Dr Artem Korobenko is doing research at the Institute of Structural Analysis

23. March 2023

A new start in Germany Scientist from Ukraine in the Isodrones team

23. March 2023

Highly accurate navigation for city dwellers TU Braunschweig involved in Horizon Europe project on cloud-based localisation service in cities

22. March 2023

Learning languages in tandem Extended offer for employees and students of TU Braunschweig

Vier internationale Studierende unterhalten sich angeregt miteinander. 20. March 2023

Welcome Week for international students New cooperation with the Association of Chinese Students and Scientists Braunschweig

17. March 2023

Driving internationalisation forward together Workshops within the framework of the Re-Audit²

Polarlichter am schwedischen Nachthimmel. 16. March 2023

Mail from … Sweden TU students Jan Brinkmann and Lars Klingenstein were drawn to the far north for their semester abroad. They are spending five months in Sweden with the Erasmus+ programme. In “Mail from”, they talk about their experiences.

8. March 2023

Detective work at BRICS The Centre of Systems Biology BRICS introduces itself in a video

7. March 2023

Searching for science talent worldwide Five questions for Dr. Dominik Baumgarten from the Research Services

24. February 2023

Solidarity with Ukraine Statement by the President of the TU Braunschweig

14. February 2023

Europe’s quantum heart beats in Lower Saxony this year Quantum Valley Lower Saxony set to host Europe's largest quantum conference in October 2023

13. February 2023

QuantumFrontiers MasterClass in Istanbul Researchers from Braunschweig visit Turkey's top school