28. February 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig Newsletter-Prototype | 20. February 2020

“The week at TU Braunschweig” … is the work title of our new newsletter for all employees of our university. From now on we want to inform you regularly about current events and interesting facts. This is the prototype; we are still experimenting with this format and look forward to your feedback.

Surprisingly for ourselves, we are starting off with a top-class news: Yesterday the German Press Agency announced that our President, Professor Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, has been nominated for election as Chairperson of the Board of the German Aerospace Center. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy has confirmed the announcement. As at the TU Braunschweig, the decision at DLR is made by the Senate. It will meet on March 18. Until then, and possibly even afterwards until the contract is signed, the outcome of the proceedings is open. Our only comment: The high level of appreciation associated with this proposal also reflects on the Carolo-Wilhelmina.

Together with Leibniz Uni Hannover, Prof. Nils Goseberg and his team at Forschungszentrum Küste operate one of the world’s largest experimental facilities for the study of coastal processes.  Björn Thümler, Lower Saxony’s Minister for Science and Culture, is also pleased about its inclusion in the German Alliance for Marine Research.

We are also very proud of four international junior research groups on the topics of manufacturing in space, Reproducibility of Data Obtained from Cell-Based Assays, Sustainable Cities – Urban Flows and Production and Quantitative detection methods with magnetic nanoparticles. The TU Braunschweig finances them itself from the so-called overhead of the excellence strategy and thus provides new impetus for its overarching research strategy.

  • More topics: Why dragonflies are attracted to the cities, how and especially where students produce antibodies and much more can now also be read in our magazine.
  • The coming week: A lecture on the “Perlan Project” will take us all the way into the stratosphere – by glider – on February 24. Not quite as high, but at least as far as the Brockengarten in the Harz Mountains, the Institute of Plant Biology will take us one day later, and the “Spotlight Teaching” will provide information on “Future Skills” on February 26. All this and more can be found in our calendar.
  • But before that we celebrate carnival, on Sunday is Schoduvel! We are already looking forward to the motif float of the Institute for Architecture-Related Art. Just, “Is this still NORMal?” We asked Professor Folke Köbberling, Sina Heffner and Bernd Schulz this question.
  • Parking offenders beware! Because more and more cars are parked in a no-parking zone, in a fire brigade driveway or on footpaths, the information portal shows that from now on, more and more cars will be picked up and towed away for a fee.

Our social media darling of the week is Professor Henri Werij from the TU Delft. He gave us a wonderful interview on the occasion of the newly sealed cooperation with our Aeronautics Research Centre Niedersachsen. A hit on Linkedin, Instagram and youtube. We are looking forward to hearing more from Delft soon.