Tag: Future City

10. April 2024

The Digital Construction Site Construction Industry 4.0: TU Braunschweig researches digital technologies with new large-scale equipment

3. April 2024

Road Construction with Bioasphalt TU Braunschweig researches sustainable solution without fossil bitumen

1. April 2024

Picture of the month: 3D printed filigree bridge Material-efficient lightweight structures through "Injection 3D Concrete Printing"

27. March 2024

Creating a better climate in hospitals What influence do indoor climate, air quality, architecture and work organisation have on recovery?

27. March 2024

Beziehungsweisen Westhagen: On the move in the neighbourhood Exhibition by architecture students in Wolfsburg

19. March 2024

3D printing in steel construction: serial becomes individual German Steel Construction Award goes to Linus Schmitz

15. March 2024

How is Braunschweig tackling climate change? Workshop process with TU Braunschweig looks for measures to adapt to more heat and precipitation

1. March 2024

CO_LIVING CAMPUS: Start of the workshop weeks with planning teams Public evenings in the lecture hall building on the North Campus

1. March 2024

Recycling for Future: Building with waste wood TU Braunschweig investigates circular economy in the construction industry

23. February 2024

Wolfgang Sunder appointed associate professor

Wolfgang Sunder from the Institute of Structural Design, Industrial and…
19. February 2024

#flut23: Search for photos and videos of the Christmas floods TU Braunschweig wants to improve flood protection

12. February 2024

INF4INiTY – a joint innovative floating offshore wind project A large EU consortium joins efforts to develop integrated nature-inclusive designs for future floating offshore wind farm technology

8. February 2024

AngryWaters – Protecting coasts from extreme events Prof. Nils Goseberg receives ERC Consolidator Grant

19. January 2024

Strategies for dealing with extreme marine events and natural hazards Third DAM research mission mareXtreme launched with TU Braunschweig participation

18. January 2024

“Marketing is much more than just advertising!” Professor Christof Backhaus is the new head of the Institute of Marketing

15. January 2024

How Europe’s Mega-Floods Are Becoming Predictable Professor Kai Schröter on flood prevention

18. December 2023

A Look at the Future of Coastal Cities Junior research group "Future Urban Coastlines" collaborates with the University of Venice

13. December 2023

Offshore wind power: When the seabed liquefies Collaborative project investigates seafloor changes in the Large Wave Current Channel

1. December 2023

Parliamentary Evening in Berlin presented research “Made in Braunschweig”