Tag: Society

12. May 2022

An international network for scientists at risk TU Braunschweig joins "Scholars at Risk“

TU student Ihor Filatov and TU doctoral student Irina Ihnatenko stand in front of the old building at TU Braunschweig. 30. March 2022

We care for Ukraine Support services of TU Braunschweig

4. March 2022

Three Women, Three Questions Perspectives on International Women's Day

22. February 2022

The Quarter Maker Architecture graduate Ayat Tarik Kamil leads district development project

27. January 2022

Sending clear signals and strong signs against hatred and agitation Commemorating the victims of National Socialism at TU Braunschweig

26. January 2022

What who should know about quantum A guide to the quantum world

19. January 2022

Ideas wanted for the Hagenmarkt real-world laboratory Focus on the "City of the Future" research focus

13. January 2022

How understandable is the gender asterisk? Experiments at TU Braunschweig indicate different effects for plural and singular forms

11. November 2021

How do you become a classic (sic!) and what does Twitter have to do with it? Five questions to Nicole Holzhauser about science communication and success in science

16. July 2021

For a colorful, diverse and open-minded university By raising the rainbow flag the TU Braunschweig takes a stand

5. August 2020

Controlling traffic with floating data A short portrait of Hekmat Dabbas from the Research Training Group 1931 “SocialCars”

3. August 2020

When Traffic Itself Becomes the Manager Professor Bernhard Friedrich and Andrea Thiele on the Research Training Group 1931 "SocialCars

13. April 2017

Keeping the travel bug in mind Focus on Research: Energy Transition in Aviation