Tag: Mathemathics

20. May 2021

Generating Knowledge From Data The English-language master's program in Data Science will start in the winter semester of 2021/22.

7. December 2020

Searching for the best problems Start of the international joint project TraDe-OPT

7. October 2020

“An Exciting Opportunity to Grow Both Academically and Personally” Dr. Boulos El Hilany joins the TU Braunschweig through the DFG's Walter Benjamin Program

12. May 2020

Mathematical Decision Support How Covid-19 Testing Can Become More Efficient

12. April 2018

“Multidisciplinary Design Optimization”: Interview with Prof. Ali Elham Focus on Research: Energy Transition in Aviation

20. April 2017

“A good algorithm is like a poem” Focus on Research: Self-Aware Vehicles