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14. February 2024

Mathematical modelling – a very practical approach Katrin Vorhölter is the new professor of mathematics education and elementary mathematics.

9. February 2024

DAAD prize for international students CSE student Gagan Kaushik Manyam awarded

6. December 2023

Mail from …Graz PostDoc Cordula Reisch from the Institute for Partial Differential Equations talks about her research stay in Austria

4. December 2023

Comprehensive support: The key to success CSE’s welcoming culture and onboarding services

17. November 2023

Of random walks and other random events Sebastian Andres is the new professor at the Institute of Mathematical Stochastics

19. May 2023

An opportunity for both sides Two Ukrainian scientists enrich the mathematical dialogue

28. March 2023

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr Timo de Wolff A foray through applied algebra

Gruppenbild der Mexiko-Delegation mit TU-Präsidentin Angela Ittel und Vizepräsidentin Tatjana Schneider. 6. February 2023

High-ranking delegation from Mexico was welcomed Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México visits TU Braunschweig

Professor Christian Kirches from the Institute for Mathematical Optimization at Technische Universität Braunschweig receives an ERC Consolidator Grant worth almost two million euros, one of the highest awards for scientists in Europe. Photo credit: Markus Hörster/TU Braunschweig 3. February 2023

Prof. Christian Kirches receives ERC Consolidator Grant Nearly two million euros in funding for mathematical optimisation project at TU Braunschweig

15. November 2022

Lower Saxony Science Award goes to Mathematics and Chemistry student Mandy Hoffmann Outstanding achievements in two degree programmes alike

10. November 2022

Mail from … Reykjavik TU students Aileen Brendel and Leif Tönjes talk about their stay abroad in Iceland

Blick in den Propulsor-Prüfstand - ein spezieller Windkanal - am Institut für Flugantriebe und Strömungsmaschinen. Bildnachweis: Sebastian Olschewski/TU Braunschweig 27. October 2022

On the trail of the unsolvable? Event series "The 7 Greatest Adventures in Mathematics" makes a stop in Braunschweig

Benedikt Jahnel is the new professor of applied stochastics at TU Braunschweig starting April 2022. Photo credits: Dominik Butzmann 30. March 2022

The beauty of theory and its application Benedikt Jahnel is the new professor for applied stochastics

20. January 2022

Training neural networks more difficult than expected Artificial intelligence: Research team delivers new insights

14. January 2022

Solving the hard problems with quantum computers Two projects worth millions are to make the technology of the future usable

21. December 2021

Mathematically Optimized Mobility Maximilian Merkert is Junior Professor at the Institute for Mathematical Optimization

20. September 2021

Spotlight: A visit to Faculty 1, the Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Faculty Topics and highlights of the president’s schedule

20. May 2021

Generating Knowledge From Data The English-language master's program in Data Science will start in the winter semester of 2021/22.

7. December 2020

Searching for the best problems Start of the international joint project TraDe-OPT