Tag: Digital

27. September 2023

AI in an inclusive working world Prof. Jochen Steil on the use of artificial intelligence for more participation in working life

26. September 2023

“I see so many answers in the building material clay” An interview with Joschua Gosslar on building with clay

30. August 2023

Distinguished: AI-assisted video compression Mjellma Çitaku wins ARD/ZDF "Frauen + Medientechnologie" Award

23. August 2023

Sustainable and fire-safe construction—how can digitalisation help? Braunschweiger Brandschutz-Tage 2023 highlight the trending topics in construction trade

23. August 2023

Information security during war Consequences of the Ukraine war for internet use

2. August 2023

Recognising the Unknown Review of the Deep Learning Lab 2023

10. July 2023

Young Software Developers Day 2023 From Kicker-Eye to EnergyPredict: students show their semester projects

13. June 2023

How companies use data profitably Frederik Möller is a new assistant professor at the Institute of Business Information Systems

1. June 2023

Sustainable AI made @TUBraunschweig GAMM Sustainability Award for international research team

10. May 2023

How can we individualise training processes? Peter Düking is the new assistant professor at the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy

Beispiel für eine Visualisierung von Zusammenhängen von 4. May 2023

Network medicine: causes instead of symptoms The role of traditional disease definitions in the search for disease mechanisms

1. May 2023

Picture of the month: The Research Engine Research on component fatigue and the construction of a digital twin

28. April 2023

A digital twin for final disposal TU Braunschweig research project on the deep disposal of highly radioactive waste

27. April 2023

Cyber attacks: Mails are the most important gateway IT Security at TU Braunschweig

24. April 2023

Heisenberg Professorship for Carsten Schilde Battery research: How artificial intelligence can advance process engineering

20. April 2023

Full-time Vice President for Digitalisation and Sustainability: Clear vote for Prof. Manfred Krafczyk Senate and University Council confirm recommendation

18. April 2023

Postdigital Participation Leibniz ScienceCampus in Braunschweig receives further funding

23. March 2023

Highly accurate navigation for city dwellers TU Braunschweig involved in Horizon Europe project on cloud-based localisation service in cities

15. March 2023

Honorary professorship for Dr Lars Schnieder New impulses for teaching in public transport