13. July 2023 | Press releases:

CO_LIVING CAMPUS: Desire for a more pleasant stay Results of the CO_NFERENZ can be viewed online

Press release of the City of Braunschweig and Technische Universität Braunschweig

The CO_LIVING CAMPUS on the North Campus is intended to be a science quarter that brings together science and urban society in an urban space and invites active participation. Education and research, living and working, nature, culture and utilities are to be combined in a mixed urban quarter in the Nordstadt. In a cooperation between the City of Braunschweig and Technische Universität Braunschweig, the TU North Campus on Bienroder Weg and the city’s neighbouring sports grounds east of Beethovenstraße are to be developed into a model neighbourhood.

The suggestions and results from the CO_NFERENZ can now be viewed online. Photo credit: City of Braunschweig/Daniela Nielsen

From 15 to 30 June, citizens, TU members, initiatives, associations and local organisations had the opportunity to inform themselves about the cooperative project and to get into conversation about it within the framework of the CO_NFERENZ. In addition to expert talks and an open hands-on workshop, guided tours of the neighbourhood were offered. The suggestions and results from the CO_NFERENZ were summarised and are now published in condensed form on https://www.coliving-campus.de/co_nferenz/.

From library to housing project

A total of 480 comments from around 200 participants were digitised and evaluated. The evaluation gives an impression of the variety of topics and the focal points of the discussions so far and serves as a basis for the further participation and planning steps.

Various key topics can be derived from the evaluation. Overall, there is a great interest in upgrading the campus and increasing the quality of stay. For example, in the “CO” topic area, spaces for student and civil society initiatives as well as events, art and culture were discussed. In the “LIVING” topic area, the participants believe that community housing projects and special forms of housing should be promoted. A car-free design of the neighbourhood and the pedestrian accessibility of gastronomy and consumption-free meeting places were also mentioned.  In the “CAMPUS” topic area, flexible learning and recreation rooms, barrier-free accessibility and a modern library were among the topics discussed. The preservation of existing green spaces and climate-friendly construction methods and energy supply were the focus of the “NATURE” topic area.

Register now for the CO_WORKSHOP

The results of the CO_NFERENZ will be discussed in depth at the CO_WORKSHOP in October. The CO_WORKSHOP is a five-day participatory and educational event organised by the City of Braunschweig and Technische Universität Braunschweig as part of the joint CO_LIVING CAMPUS project. The guided workshop week led by experts offers the opportunity to actively and intensively engage with the project development and various topics and to participate in the future development of the CO_LIVING CAMPUS. All that is required for participation is a keen interest in the format and the topic, but no special prior knowledge.

The CO_WORKSHOP will take place at the TU North Campus on Bienroder Weg and will run from Monday, 9 October to Friday, 13 October 2023. There is the possibility of being granted time off for educational leave as well as recognition of credit points. Registration is still possible until Sunday, 16 July at http://www.coliving-campus.de/.