24. August 2023 | Magazine:

Theft of rainbow flag: Senate joins statement of the Executive Board Executive Board thanks for its support

In the night of 5 August 2023, the rainbow flag was stolen and destroyed on the University Square of TU Braunschweig. In a statement, our President Angela Ittel strongly condemned the theft and destruction of the flag on behalf of the Executive Board. At its most recent meeting on 23 August, the Senate unanimously endorsed the statement. This was suggested by Senate member Professor Christoph Jacob from the Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. The Executive Board thanked the Senate for its support.

The President’s Statement of 7 August 2023:

“On the night of Saturday, 05.08.2023, the rainbow flag was stolen and destroyed on University Square and a flagpole was severely damaged.

We strongly condemn these crimes, which are currently increasing all over Germany. The rainbow flag is not only an appreciation of sexual diversity of all kinds, it is a symbol of tolerance, an open-minded attitude and inclusion towards all people; it symbolises the values of our university. We at TU Braunschweig will continue to vehemently stand up for respect, acceptance and for democratic values. Violence, aggression and deliberate damage of any form will not be accepted at TU Braunschweig.

Since this morning, the rainbow flag is flying again on the University Square.

Thank you to everyone who is standing up with us for the values of TU Braunschweig.

President Angela Ittel
on behalf of the entire governance board”