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23. February 2024

Pilot funding of impact projects for young researchers

How can research have an impact on the concrete reality…
21. February 2024

Student House finalist for European Architecture Prize Only German entry among seven finalists

20. February 2024

Battery research: Visit from Canada Delegation meets Braunschweig researchers and industry representatives at BLB

20. February 2024

Experimental box instead of dull theory "changING Regio": Schoolgirls from Niedersachsen experiment in the research club of the SE²A Cluster of Excellence

12. February 2024

104 students receive a Deutschlandstipendium Financial support for their studies and a network for their professional future

1. February 2024

Appointment as an expert advisor for civil protection

The constituent meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the…
30. January 2024

Registration: Market-based exploitation of research results

How can research results be turned into a marketable business…
26. January 2024

DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2024 Goes to Student House Competition procedure worth imitating

19. January 2024

Strategies for dealing with extreme marine events and natural hazards Third DAM research mission mareXtreme launched with TU Braunschweig participation

15. January 2024

How Europe’s Mega-Floods Are Becoming Predictable Professor Kai Schröter on flood prevention

1. December 2023

Parliamentary Evening in Berlin presented research “Made in Braunschweig”

Gruppenfoto der Delegation des Taiwan Tech mit Vertreter*innen der TU Braunschweig. 24. November 2023

High-ranking delegation from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology visited TU Braunschweig Joint seed funding call open until 31 December

21. November 2023

“#Bring Your Own” on TU Braunschweig’s Campus Packaging waste affects us all

13. November 2023

Soil research in times of urbanisation Magdalena Sut-Lohmann is the new Professor of Soil Science at the Institute of Geoecology

10. November 2023

In Paris: Great success for the Braunschweig team Young researchers win awards at the iGEM competition for synthetic biology

10. November 2023

How autonomous driving is set to change the way we work and the economy Interview with Prof. Simone Kauffeld and other NFF experts

8. November 2023

The Hidden Water Under Our Feet Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources conducts groundwater research in Braunschweig

6. November 2023

Under the microscope: Motivation of nascent entrepreneurs Presentation of the Stöbich Entrepreneurship PhD Award 2023

3. November 2023

Making urban production sustainable and efficient Technische Universität Braunschweig inaugurates research presence in Singapore