25. August 2023 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │25.08.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Extension of closure period + future-oriented materials
+ war consequences for internet use

Editor: Dilara Aktaş

► Rainbow Flag: Senate supports statement of the Executive Board

At its most recent meeting, the Senate unanimously endorsed the Executive Board’s statement on the theft and destruction of the rainbow flag on the night of 5 August. The Executive Board expressed its gratitude for this support.

► Extended closure period

From 27. December 2023 up to and including 05. January 2024 TU Braunschweig is generally closed. In the period from 04. to 05. January 2024 inclusive, it is possible for employees to work mobile or in the office with lowered temperatures after consultation with their superiors. The extension of the closing time is part of a package of measures to save energy. The savings are significant when extrapolated to the annual consumption of heat and electricity. This will bring us much closer to our target of saving 20% of annual consumption. Information will be published on the information portal. If you have any questions, please contact Personnel Department.

► Drones can improve air quality prediction

Automated flight systems as “flying measurement laboratories” have a very great potential to provide measurement data for improving pollution models. However, there is still a long way to go before they can be used regularly. This is the conclusion of the MesSBAR project.

► Consequences of the Ukraine war for internet use

Alexandra Dirksen investigated what consequences the war and thus also Western sanctions have on internet and information security. For example, the introduction of a state-controlled certification authority (CA) in Russia has a major impact on encrypted network connections.

► Sustainable and fire safe construction

The energy transition, digitalisation and the focus on sustainability are changing the way buildings are equipped, and with it, fire safety. How can new fire risks be managed? What opportunities do digital solutions offer? These questions will be discussed at the Braunschweiger Brandschutz-Tage on 6 and 7 September.

► Materials of the future: “Bio-based, efficient and sustainable”

Oliver Völkerink has been a junior professor at TU Braunschweig since May 2023. He has brought with him to the Institute of Mechanics and Adaptronics his vision of lightweight and bio-based structural components that can be recycled and thus make a contribution to the circular economy. In an interview, he introduces himself and his research.

► PhD Finishing Grant for Women

Professors, together with the female doctoral candidates they supervise at TU Braunschweig, can apply to the Equal Opportunity Office by 10 September for a PhD Finishing Grant.

► Online-Workshop on peer recruiting

Research Services is offering an online workshop on recruiting international talents on 11 September between 10:30 and 11:30. The workshop will present best practices and funding formats that support research stays at TU Braunschweig.

► This year’s Postdoc Day is approaching

This year’s Postdoc Day at TU Braunschweig is scheduled for 15 September. Interested postdocs can take part in a short workshop on career planning, network and exchange ideas with various TU service facilities.

► Start-ups get-together: Quantum Edition

Spin-offs from TU and PTB will tell their start-up stories at the “Quantum Edition” of the StartUp Stammtisch in the TRAFO Hub on 31 August. Guests are QubeDot with Dr Heiko Brüning and Jan Gülink, CAVITY technologies with Dr Johannes Dickmann, Liam Shelling Neto and Steffen Sauer and Agile Optics GmbH with Dr Stephan Hannig.

► Aeon Robotics nominated for Best of Technology Award 2023

TU Braunschweig spin-off has been nominated for its HandEffector technology, an intelligent robotics solution that enables intuitive gripping forces and movements. The award ceremony will take place on 29 August in Munich.

► Darling of the week

From Braunschweig to the Great Plains: Our darling of the week is currently on its way to the USA. After a few stopovers, the TU research aircraft will soon be in action for a large wind energy measurement campaign. There it will measure the wake of wind farms. It will be investigating how quickly the wind recovers behind onshore wind farms. We wish you a good flight!

► Events

There is always something going at TU Braunschweig in the upcoming week. Whether lectures, discussions, information events, concerts, films and much more. Take a look at our calendar of events and let yourself be inspired.