7. August 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │07.08.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: enzymes + social cars + metrology & economy + city animals + sage + cardboard tubes + fantasy

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Enzymes in focus

Professor Anett Schallmey from the Institute of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics was involved in the EU project “CarbaZymes”. Her results have now been included in the Innovation Radar of the EU Commission.

► Metrology & Economics

No metrology – no Industry and trade. Natural science and economics agree on this. But why does every nanometer count and what does the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers have to do with it?

► Safety instead of traffic jam und pollution in Future Cities

The Research Training Group “SocialCars” aims to an infrastructure, optimally usable for all road users. Professor Bernhard Friedrich and Andrea Thiele explain to us in an interview how traffic flow, equal rights and environmental protection are connected.

Hekmat Dabbas is a doctoral student in the Research Training Group. We introduce him and his research in a short portrait.

► Into the weekend with 500 HP

This is the horsepower of the two propeller turbines of the new research aircraft. In the second part of our video series  Dr. Thomas Feuerle from the Institute of Flight Guidance reveals the technical data of the new research aircraft and how many people fit on board in addition to all the research technology.

 ► New month, new photo

Our picture of the month shows the real sage in the medicinal plant garden of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology. Do you also have an exciting or unusual picture from research, teaching or the campus? Feel free to send it to us!

► Last call for medical research projects

September 29 is the deadline for applications for the funding programme of the “Innovative Medicines Initiative“. More information and help is available at the Research Services and European Office.

► On a mission for Braunschweig’s city animals

Within the awareness week of the seminar “Institute for Local Affairs” four architecture students started a campaign for “City Animals“. They drew attention to the problems of our animal neighbours – and what we can do for them.

► Cutting through the cityscape, with cardboard tubes

The workshop “VITAPOLIS” ended with a participatory “city construction”. Students and teachers at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism searched for free spaces in Braunschweig’s western city.

► Learning and teaching at eye level

In the program “Studying without Language Barriers“, student language coaches provide international students with advice and support. The International House coordinates the project.

► Welcome to the TU Braunschweig

Seven new trainees in the office area will start this year to learn the profession of office clerks. They have now been welcomed in a small circle by Jacqueline Benke, Laura Hoffmann, Mehe Ayachi and the trainers.

► Try now, decide after two semesters

This was the path chosen by the 54 graduates of the second cycle of the orientation programme. Their conclusion at the farewell ceremony: “You have to go to school, you want to go to university.”

► Holidays, paint and fantasy

Together with students from Faculty 6, the team from the Family Office took care of children aged 5-10 years for two weeks during the summer holidays. After a lot of positive feedback, a second round is planned for the autumn holidays.

► Our darlings of the week…

… are the employees of Division 3 – Facility Management, who are expanding their service with an electronic ticket system for damage reports. Whether a dripping tap or a defective ventilation system: the employees can read the processing status of their repair report at any time and contact them directly.