10. May 2023

How can we individualise training processes? Peter Düking is the new assistant professor at the Institute of Sport Science and Movement Pedagogy

4. May 2023

Ask me anything – communication format for junior professors Launch with President Angela Ittel

24. April 2023

Heisenberg Professorship for Carsten Schilde Battery research: How artificial intelligence can advance process engineering

4. April 2023

When the wind turbine is in the mountains Humboldt Fellow Dr Artem Korobenko is doing research at the Institute of Structural Analysis

15. March 2023

Honorary professorship for Dr Lars Schnieder New impulses for teaching in public transport

7. March 2023

Twisted light opens up new insights Doctoral student Silvia Müllner on her journey towards the limits of the measurable

16. February 2023

Professor Ute Daniel receives the Historian’s Award of the City of Münster Award goes to a woman for the first time

9. February 2023

Visionary, initiator and person On the death of Professor Klaus Pierick

24. January 2023

Artificial intelligence made of light Professor Christian Werner on his cooperation with LENA

23. January 2023

On the death of Prof. Carl H. Hahn Technische Universität Braunschweig mourns the death of its Honorary Senator

12. January 2023

Measuring individual molecules with diamond quantum sensors Interview with Professor Nabeel Aslam

6. December 2022

A Master Builder of the “Braunschweig School” On the death of Professor Meinhard von Gerkan

30. November 2022

Safety-critical systems: Better understanding the interaction between humans and technology Questions to Professor Lars Gerhold, Chair of Psychology of Sociotechnical Systems

29. November 2022

Role Model: C. Gabriel David Experiences as a First Generation Academic

22. November 2022

Advancing the energy transition with vehicle electrification! Questions to Professor Michael Terörde

16. November 2022

Science award for microbiologist Jörg Overmann Stifterverband honours commitment to research into and fair use of biological diversity

10. November 2022

More efficient machining systems for more sustainable production Nadine Madanchi awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize

10. November 2022

The psychology of putting on music #GetTUknow: Dr. Marcus Friedrich

28. October 2022

New Director of Braunschweig University Library Robert Strötgen takes over the management