5. July 2023 | Note-Blog

Next Titanium World Conference 2027 in Berlin

With more than 600 participants, the Titanium World Conference, which takes place every four years, is one of the most important events of the international titanium community. Several countries apply for the organisation of the World Titanium Conference with a concept. Germany has hosted the conference once so far in 2003 in Hamburg. And the next time will be in 2027 in Berlin with Carsten Siemers from the Institute for Materials Science as chair.

Why titanium is so important

Titanium alloys are still a relatively young material. However, the first alloys developed at the end of the 1940s already made aviation and space history: they made it possible to enter the jet engine age and thus to step into a new era. In modern commercial aircraft, titanium alloys now account for up to 15% of the weight.

Since then, titanium alloys have increasingly established themselves in the chemical industry, the offshore and energy sectors as well as in medical technology due to their high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance, outstanding biocompatibility and other properties. At the same time, global titanium production is increasing every year.

In order to improve material utilisation and thus reduce the high material costs for titanium components on the one hand, and to further advance lightweight construction on the other, additive manufacturing, and in particular powder bedding processes, of titanium materials is now also being intensively researched. This process enables the production of complex geometries with properties specially adapted to the component requirements. Here, the directional solidification and the associated direction-dependent properties of additively manufactured components pose the greatest problem.