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20. February 2024

Battery research: Visit from Canada Delegation meets Braunschweig researchers and industry representatives at BLB

2. February 2024

Picture of the month: Novel propeller under test SE²A researchers working on aircraft of the future

28. January 2024

“My goal is to discover beauty and complexity in the world that surrounds us” Prof. David Rival heads the Institute of Fluid Mechanics

18. January 2024

“I want to make uncertainties predictable” Ulrich Römer is a professor at the Institute of Acoustics and Dynamics

20. December 2023

Christmas greetings from President Angela Ittel Thoughts at the end of the year

4. December 2023

“Synthetic chemistry is such a creative subject – almost like an art” Christopher J. Teskey is the new professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry

29. November 2023

Biotechnology Meets Ethics Interdisciplinary exchange on the importance of metaphors in science

20. November 2023

“One of the biggest hurdles for people with Long Covid is the lack of a test” Professor Dieter Jahn on his life with Long Covid

16. November 2023

“We also have a concept for the last shaded and particularly critical areas” In 2024, the TU research vehicle RAION will be used as a fully automated shuttle

Bildnachweis: NFF 16. November 2023

What hurdles autonomous driving still has to overcome TU Braunschweig researches how to accelerate time to market

1. November 2023

How Hydrogen Production Can Be Optimised Technical Electrocatalysis Laboratory researches proton exchange electrolysis

28. September 2023

How to simulate cabin noise Noise research for new aircraft concepts with better acoustic properties

19. September 2023

Finally, flying! DLR_Uni_Summer_School 2023 brings students from all over Germany into the sky

18. September 2023

“Focusing even more on relations with the industry” Interview with BLB Executive Board Member Prof. Thomas S. Spengler

12. September 2023

Climate crisis up close A travel report from China

8. September 2023

The Week at TU Braunschweig │08.09.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

5. September 2023

“There is no silver bullet that will save the climate” Prof. Jens Friedrichs on research into sustainable aviation in the SE2A cluster

15. August 2023

“Multidisciplinary research with great societal benefit”. Matthias Schiedel is Professor at the Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

14. August 2023

The Fungi Connection: “All roads seem to lead to Braunschweig” How a graduate student’s venture into the world of forestry led to a connection that continues to grow