Tag: Leightweight Construction

21. August 2023

Materials of the future: “Bio-based, efficient and sustainable” Oliver Völkerink is a new assistant professor at the Institute of Mechanics and Adaptronics

20. December 2022

New additive manufacturing process for lightweight structures TU Braunschweig start-up project receives EXIST Transfer of Research funding

24. November 2021

Technological Leap in Aviation necessary Appointment of Professor Sebastian Heimbs

9. November 2021

BionicWalker Development and research of a prosthetic fitting for partial foot amputations started

17. December 2020

Pores against Turbulence Save fuel with newly designed wing surfaces

10. December 2018

TU Braunschweig is member of two new EU Innovation Communities "Production Engineering" and "Urban Mobility"

19. April 2018

Open Hybrid LabFactory gains new partner in Singapore Lightweight Construction Campus signs declaration of intent for future cooperation with SIMTech

12. April 2018

“Multidisciplinary Design Optimization”: Interview with Prof. Ali Elham Focus on Research: Energy Transition in Aviation

20. June 2017

“Energy Transition in Aviation”: Interview with Prof. Jens Friedrichs Focus on Research: Energy Transition in Aviation