6. March 2023 | Press releases:

Eduroam also planned outside TU Studying and working independently of location with "eduroam off Campus"

Eduroam stands for Education Roaming and offers students and employees of TU Braunschweig WLAN access – worldwide at the locations of the participating universities and organisations. This means that they also have direct WLAN access at other universities via their home university accounts. The infrastructure is to be further expanded. The state of Lower Saxony is funding the “eduroam off Campus” project of the Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen network with 10 million euros. The goal is to be able to study and work flexibly and independently of location at the universities.

More than 100 countries are involved in the eduroam network. With “eduroam off Campus”, students and employees of higher education institutions should not only be able to access services for research and teaching on the premises of the higher education institutions, but also in frequently used areas in public space. These include, for example, halls of residence, public squares and public transport.

TU Braunschweig is negotiating with the provider HTP and the city of Braunschweig to offer the eduroam network at other locations in the city area in the future. In a project of Sandkasten, it is clarifying further possibilities for an expansion of eduroam beyond the campus boundaries. Students, researchers and employees of TU Braunschweig can participate in this project in order to develop a list of locations that will be taken into account in the implementation. TU Braunschweig is aiming for implementation in the second half of 2023.

There will be no technical changes for users when using “eduroam off Campus”. As before, you will need a correctly configured terminal for eduroam, e.g. a notebook or smartphone.


“eduroam off Campus” is financed with funds from the Special Fund for Digitalisation of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitalisation. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture is coordinating the project in cooperation with the Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen network. The Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen network is a joint foundation of the LandesHochschulKonferenz Niedersachsen, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundation, to which all of Lower Saxony’s state-run universities belong. The core of the cooperative digitisation strategy is to use digital technology even more broadly and professionally in studies and teaching, research and administration.