13. March 2023 | Press releases:

MINIMALarchitecture – urban walk braunschweig Exhibition shows new perspectives and aesthetic facets of the Lion City in the NFF

Photographer and artist YAMAKASINO alias Matthias Brandt spent two days last year searching for traces in Braunschweig. From Lilienthalhaus to Affenfelsen, he collected motifs and found new perspectives and aesthetic facets of the Lion City. The surprising results and pictures of his “urban walk” can be seen for the first time in the exhibition “MINIMALarchitecture” from 10 March to 5 May 2023 in the gallery space of the Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen (NFF). In addition to the more than 20 motifs from Braunschweig, works from other major cities such as Tel Aviv, Bordeaux and Berlin will also be on display.

The digitally calmed and colour-transformed images show and intensify forms, colours and contrasts that are often obscured by urban sensory overload. The boundaries between reality and painting are intended to blur, thus enabling the viewer to take a new look at what is already familiar. “For me, Braunschweig was a treasure chest full of surprises,” Matthias Brandt describes his first encounter with the city and the impressions of his photographic search for traces between the campus and the state theatre.

Sometimes his photos are a tribute to the work of architects and urban planners. But sometimes they are also a challenge and an incentive to their creativity and courage. For his photographic works, the artist does not so much look for specific buildings on his long walks, but rather for particular angles of view and geometric divisions.

For Professor Thomas Vietor, spokesman for the board of the NFF, the exhibitions in the gallery space of the research centre are important sources of inspiration for all employees and at the same time an interdisciplinary interface between technology and culture. “With the unusual pictures by Matthias Brandt, we are focusing this time on our research building, which with its award-winning architecture is an important part of the NFF brand,” Vietor explains.

The artist:

At the age of 15, YAMAKASINO was already spraying commissioned works for private individuals, companies and public agencies and realised himself in many other areas of street art, such as stencil, sketchbook and tape art. Here he acquired his love and understanding for colours, contrasts and image geometries, which, together with the playful approach, still influence his work today. With his series “MINIMALarchitecture”, Matthias Brandt, born in Bielefeld in 1978, tries to find simplicity and beauty in the chaos of the big city and make them visible.

The photographs of the exhibition “MINIMALarchitecture – urban walk braunschweig” can be seen until 3 May 2023 at the Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen at TU Braunschweig (Hermann-Blenk-Str. 42). Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00. Admission is free.