31. July 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │31.07.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Digitalisation + Picometers + Hydrogene Fuel Cell + Young Aviation + AI Challenge + Sugar + awareness week

► Three new professorships

Three new “digital chairs”, namely for Software Systems Engineering in Mobility, Digital Construction and Neuromorphic Computing, can be established at the TU Braunschweig from 2021 funded by the Land Niedersachsen. They will strengthen the core research areas Mobility, City of the Future and Metrology.

► The plane has landed…

The new research aircraft landed on 8 July, as we have already reported. Now there is the video result of our camera team that accompanied the arrival of the new star at the Institute of Flight Guidance. From today on we publish every Friday a video of the four-part mini-series.

► How long is a picometer?

At the LENA, Professor Andreas Hangleiter and his team stand in front of a microscope that converge extremes: The HR-TEM has large dimensions, is extremely sensitive and incredibly accurate.

► Professor of Physical Chemistry

…at our university, will be Dr. Stefanie Tschierlei. She has just accepted the call. We are looking forward to meet her and to introduce her in the magazine soon. Professor Rüdiger Kapitza also gives us reason to rejoice. He will remain at the Carolo-Wilhelmina, despite of alternatives.

► Sugar in “Nature”

We congratulate Professor Uta Schlickum. Together with the MPI for Solid State Research she published a paper in the scientific journal “Nature”. For the first time, researchers succeeded in mapping the spatial structure of polysaccharides.

► Research Network

The Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony unites the research on hydrogen. Our University is highly involved – from the hydrogen supply to the hydrogene fuel cell.

► The German Research Foundation (DFG)

… establishes 14 new Priority Programmes (PP) for 2021. Calls for proposals on the  website of the DFG provide information on the PP and proposal submission.

► It’s all about experimenting!

With “ChangIng”, the SE²A excellence cluster started a research club with 30 students. After a year of stunning insights into aviation, Professor Rolf Radespiel congratulated the first graduating class with certificates.

► Lab with perspective

Ten teams faced the challenge of the “Deep Learning Lab”, trying to program the best possible algorithm. The artificial intelligence was supposed to autonomously detect human body parts. To achieve this, the 30 students demanded high performances from the graphics processors at the Institute for Communications Technology.

► Braunschweig explored

A new institute at the TU Braunschweig? Behind the “Institute for Local Affairs” are students at the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City, who are currently drawing attention to the social problems in Braunschweig’s urban fabric within an action week.

► This week’s darlings

… are all colleagues who are currently organising the 670 examinations for our students. The logistics behind the examinations are already a challenge in normal semesters. Under the current conditions, however, this is a far greater effort. This applies to the lecturers and all colleagues in the institutes who supervised up to six lecture halls at the same time. And for the colleagues  in the Facility Management who look after the 26 halls and large rooms, including the VW Hall and the City Hall as well as the two refectories. Recalculating capacities, drawing up hygiene plans, organising access, writing and distributing handouts, troubleshooting – all this and much more is now part of their job. Professor Knut Baumann, Vice President for Studies and Teaching, is in charge of the project. He is where all the threads come together. Even explanatory videos were shot so that the supervisors can quickly find their way around the rooms. We find this exemplary and say: Thank you!