8. March 2023 | Magazine:

Detective work at BRICS The Centre of Systems Biology BRICS introduces itself in a video

You always wanted to know what is being researched at BRICS? This video briefly explains their research and technologies. “The BRICS has changed in the composition of its working groups since it opened. We want to present the new overall concept in the video,” explains BRICS spokesperson Dieter Jahn. BRICS is an international and interdisciplinary research centre of TU Braunschweig in the core research area “Engineering for Health”.

A video team from Cologne spent a day with the colleagues at BRICS. Interviews were conducted with various working group leaders and they were accompanied and filmed during their work in the laboratories. “It was an exciting experience to accompany the video team,” says Anita Remus, BRICS Managing Director. “The result turned out great!”

The video gives an insight into the detective work of metabolic research, shows how microscopy is used in research into neurodegenerative diseases and how bacteria are applied, how a unique scale model of the intestine is created and how all this data can be summarised in bioinformatics.